Sunday, August 15, 2010


So when your 18 year old (wow really?) calls you from the comfort of your recliner with pizza in lap to come outside, what's a mama to do? Well you go outside of course!!

When I got out there (barefoot and all) he said, "sit" so I did, and then he said "we're gonna go cruising!" really ? fun...........
And cruise we did. (After he ran me back home to get my shoes :) He took me to Sonic and bought me a Diet Cherry Limeade, yep he bought, that was fun, but of course I wanted to buy, but he wouldn't let me. And then we went to Wal-Mart and he got some hair color to dye his hair. (See above pic.....) Isn't he cute?!!
And then we drove home the back way listening to his music. Ya know like, Ne-Yo.....Cascada.... Bass Hunter......and many others. It was so much fun.
As we drove, I was trying to drink in every moment. The sound of his voice telling his mama about his life.....his music ..... the smell of his car ......... the wind in our hair (windows down ya know :) It was wonderful!!
It was a simple gesture, ask your mom to go crusing, but to this mama it meant the world!!!
Thanks son for a beautiful evening~~ Love ya, Mom
Hope y'all had a beautiful evening as well.


  1. Dawn you dated yourself. Cruising, thats an 80's term. I love the hair. Glad you and Dakota had a a fun time cruising. Have a Blessed Lords Day

  2. Oh yeah!! Those are those SWEET moments that come not often enough, but enough to make you truly cherish them. You will NEVER forget that! (What a sweet, thoughtful thing for Dak to do for you.)

  3. OK - how many teenage boys even ASK their momma to go on a cruise venture? What a good boy you have there!!!!!