Thursday, August 26, 2010

44 Things that make me happy.....

Hahaha ~~ just jk'ing with ya. I'm not going to list 44 things that make me happy because let's face it NO ONE would read to the end of this post.

But why would I even be thinking about such a thing? Well, because there will be 44 candles on my birthday cake today, that is if I was having a birthday cake that would support 44 candles. Instead, we'll be having a Blizzard Cake....okay, they'll be having a Blizzard Cake because I do not eat such lovely nonsense =) I will hopefully be having a vegan Birthday Cake if I get home in time to make it. I'm actually looking really forward to trying out a recipe I found, but I have a pretty busy we'll see, or ummmm, I'll see =) anyway......

So actually I'm off and running, but hopefully I will post later with LOTS of pics and fun stuff from my day, and perhaps even a little surpise........maybe.......stay tuned.............


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is just wonderful!

  2. I love you want a vegan cake... just another reason why I think you are so cool!!!

    Cant wait to see pictures of your day!

    Happy Birthday Lady!!! Hope its a fantastic day of celebrating!!!!
    Love you!!!

  3. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us to you. We hope you make a vegan cake and enjoy every bite too! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and get everything you wish for.

  4. Dawn Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Sorry we couldn't make conections today. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow, and seeing your cool gift. Love You Georgia