Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And the then the bell rang.....

It was a quarter of 10 in the evening and things were winding down at our house, when the door bell rang. I went to the door and there before me stood a young girl about 15 or so and she was in shorts, a t-shirt and no shoes.

She was trying to speak, but almost overtaken with emotion as she preceded to tell me that her mother had kicked her out of the house and wanted to know if she could use our phone.

I handed her the phone and directed her to our couch where I sat beside her. As she spoke with her grandmother my heart broke for this young one........so needing love from her mother. It was convicting to me.....have I loved enough?........this is the legacy I wish to leave my own child.....a legacy of love. But this young girl didn't have that.

As she spoke with her grandmother, pleading for her to send her poppy to get her I could tell that grandmother wasn't up for the task, she was afraid of the daughter, you could tell. She didn't think she had a "legal" right.

As this young girl was talking telling her grandmother that her mother had kicked her out and took her shoes and told her that she was lucky she was leaving with her clothes, because she had bought those to, my heart broke and broke for this young girl. I wanted to do more than hand her a phone. I wanted her to stay, but she wouldn't, not even for a moment, but why? Fear. She was afraid her mom was waiting for her. You see, I don't think this is the first time this had happened.

I knew the situation was not good, but did I know it was THIS bad? Did I care? Did I even understand the severity? I do now, and now I want to help. Somehow. A blind eye is no longer acceptable. I will be seeking this girl out at school, in life.

This is not a fiction story. This happened in our lives last night. Given the situation we have been in, in our own lives, this incident was divinely directed, as usually it is. God was showing the hurt that happens when parents are not the parents they should be to their children. This daughter, this child, this barefoot beauty, needs love from her mom. I am not her mom, but I intend to show her love.

I am so glad she knew she could come here. How many more will come? This is the second young lady in two weeks I've been able to reach out to in a tangible way, all to the Glory of God. God is stirring in my life to be more real....more approachable.........more of His hand extended. How about you?


  1. Oh my... this just breaks my heart...But what that says about your home that this young lady knew she could come there...Oh, how I hate Satan & how he puts fear into people & works that. Praying that this mom of this daughter knows the gift she has in her child.. I'm sure this child is not perfect... but praying the mom sees she's not either...

    Just praying for God's intervention in the whole situation.

    Keep being a light when you can friend, as I know you are, to this young lady - & to so many others hurting...

  2. What a story!
    I'll be praying for you and this young girl. No doubt... she was brought to your doorstep for a reason.

  3. oh sweet friend! What a blessing that this girl knew she could come to you. I am starting to understand why Paul told us to pray without ceasing. There is just SO much for pray for and so many people to lift up to Him. Blessings my friend! May you continue to live in obedience. ~H

  4. That really spoke to me!
    So often I am so tired or busy or tired (yes, tired :)) to be the mum I can be. Thank you for posting this.

  5. Breaks my heart :(
    I'm praying for her and her mother now. May the Lord give the mother wisdom and understanding and may this child come to know her mothers love and the love of Jesus.

  6. Such a sad, sad story... but how awesome that God entrusted her with YOU!! I'm realizing more and more all the time about how bad some home-lives are. It's heart breaking.