Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Firsts Lasts.....Open House

Well last night was another first of lasts.....Open House. Now Dak and I have always enjoyed things like Open House together and last night was no exception. He makes these things so fun. He went with me, like in the same car and everything =) which is a rareity for this mom these days. It was so nice.

So you know I had to whip out my camera....or does one really have to whip something out that is attached to her hand?.... Hmmm just wondering =)

I want to take as many pics as I can of this Senior Year experience. Dak is going to get a phobia of cameras if I'm not careful =)

I had gone out in front of him to start the car because it is hotter than a fire cracker in SW MO right now ~~ what in the world? ~~ I mean REALLY hot!!! anyway.....

He stepped out and there I was armed and ready with camera in hand. He just smiled and laughed....He is such a good sport and knows his mama well....

This pic cracks me up....Why yes that is an ear bud attached to his ear. I feel at times it may have to be surgically removed when he grows out of the Ihavetohavemusicgoing24/7stage =)

Ahhhh.........a sweet smile from a beautiful Senior.....

Yep a mom and her boy........makes my heart sing!!!!! Sweet songs of joy!!!!!

It was such a beautiful night.

I picked up a fun scrapbook for his Senior Year yesterday along with some cute, simple paper. Now all I need to do is start getting these pics printed and scrapped. Yep, fun indeed!!!

Hope you all have a beautiful day,


  1. Nah - you wont have Dak afraid of cameras - he's just going to expect papparazzi everywhere when he goes to college! :)

    I think earbuds are a fashion statement in of themselves! :) I usually dont go to the grocery unless I have them in myself... gotta boogie down those aisles!

    Love the picture of the two of you! You better keep up the scrapbooking as you take the pictures because I have a feeling you're going to have TONS & that would get overwhelming if it gets ahead of you!

    Cant wait to see all the pics you take throughout the Senior Year!!!

  2. Another one for the memory book! This will be a fun year... and it's a busy one, too!

  3. Beth,

    This is such a wonderful way to begin capturing this year for Dak. I can't wait to see how you put it all together since you are starting about 3 weeks ahead of me. :)

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat