Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthdays & What's one to do on a HOT day if your 2...

Disclaimer: These pics and the captions are MESSED-UP ~~ I've tried to fix them but to no avail. So I apologize in advance for my Blogger issues ~~ =o)

Okay, so grab a nice cup of coffee (if your reading this in the morning) or a lovely glass of iced tea and enjoy a myriad of pictures.

Friday the 13th was Dak's 18th Birthday, which by the way, he thought was SO cool!!! heehee teenagers =)

We had a friend make his birthday cake, and she does such good work.

He wanted something simple, and this was just the right blend of simple and beautiful. Thanks Kathy, you did a GREAT job!!! And can I just tell you.....this cake is just delicious!! I am not really a cake's just not my thing, but this cake was absolutely delish!!!


Here is Dak well, being Dak as only he can be.

Really son? heehee Oh and the finger in there is Brandon's. Thanks Brandon, you made our afternoon so much fun as you always do!!

And here is the cake on fire ~~ hahaha

And this pic cracks me up ~~ yep that is smoke ~~ so funny!!!

He had a GREAT birthday!!! On Saturday his grandfather met him at Johnny Mac's and ordered Dak a letterman's jacket for his 18th birthday. He had done the same for his two other grandchildren on their 18th birthdays. Dak is SO excited!!! What a special and thoughtful gift ~~ thanks Granpa P!!!

Well, on Friday, while Dak was at school...........
let me just start by saying, IT WAS HOT!! REALLY HOT!!!

So Sir Cuteness and I decided that a little water fun was in order.
So we headed off to our local Community Center water park. It was SO fun!!!
This first pic cracks me up.
Sir cuteness is eating a Gummy Lifesaver....and me, well I am undoubtedly imparting my wisdom on eating said Gummy Lifesaver ~~ hahaha sometimes I crack me up =)

I LOVE this pic....Me and Sir Cuteness ~~

Sir Cuteness had SO much fun!!! Oh my stars, he was definitely a bundle of fun!!

Look at my knees ~~ oh brother ~~ eek!!!

Look at this child..........he had SO MUCH FUN!!!

He would run right through these fountains.
I was so impressed with this little guy ~~

Here he is under a fountain of water ~~ so fun!!!

I LOVE this pic!! Look at those water drops ~~ Thanks G for taking pics for us!!

Here he is running right through one of those fountains!!



Grandma's g-babe getting the rub-down....again =)

WOW hope you made it through all those. We've had some fun around here lately. If you missed my cruising post, cruise on down to the next post after this one and check it out....yep more fun was had over the weekend. I love my family!!!
On the knee front.....had a bad night last night, and so far not a great day. But we forge ahead and believe for healing. More to come on that.....
Hope you all have a Blessed and Beautiful day ~~


  1. YOU'RE NOT A CAKE EATER? I call dibs on all your pieces then! :) That cake looks so yummy!

    Loving all the water pictures! What a fun way to keep cool in this horrible heat! You are such a good g-ma!!!!

    And now, on top of cake, I'm craving Gummy Lifesavers... you've got my sugar side ready to go find some candy! :)

  2. Looks like I missed the fun after I left. So glad that Dakota had a good birthday. The pictures turned out cute, thanks for sharing the afternoon with sir cutness. I will be praying for your knee. Have a blessed day.

  3. I think I could eat that whole cake myself... however, I'm not a big frosting eater. Cake only for me, please.

    Looks like you and Sky had a BLAST!