Friday, September 10, 2010

So what would you do....if you were me? ....

Well, now how's that for a loaded question? hahahaha

Those who know me well, or who have followed my blog for a while know of my continuing knee problems. For those of you who are new to this blog, you can read about my knee problems here .

So my knees (both) have been giving me fits for some time, but most of the time I just move right on. That is just what you do when you face chronic pain. You are either pro-active and move through it as best you can, or it takes over, and I'm just not willing to let that happen!!

Let me give you a little insight to what I am dealing with.....
This is a knee with arthritis. This is the kind of arthritis that I have, although they have always called it a degenerative arthritis. I have apparently had it practically my whole life. My first surgery was when I was 7. My doc says this is extremely rare, for a youngster to have knee surgery. So the thought is that I was born with a pre-disposition for this. My dad also has this and is undergoing another knee surgery (his 3rd or 4th) on the 14th of this month.

The white that you see is the pad, and the cut away places is the arthritis. Your knee is suppose to glide easily in the groove, but when you have arthritis it eats away at your healthy pad and groove and leaves these raw places, and then when your knee moves and "glides" in the groove, it isn't smooth anymore and you have pain.

My particular knees have a lot of this type of wearing, but in my right knee that the knee cap has been partially replaced, the wearing was so significant that they removed practically all of my groove, it was so diseased, and replaced it with a cobalt plate.
So my right knee now looks somthing like this......
And this.....with my groove also having been replaced.

Now to the "what would you do?" part..... My knees are really in a bad place right now. My left knee is VERY swollen and has a knot on the side of it and it is not good at all. I'm contemplating having another steroid shot in it. I have only had 1, but can only have 3 total.ever. So I have been waiting until it gets REALLY bad to get the shot. I feel like I'm almost there sometimes. But then I think, well maybe I should just keep pressing on and not do anything else right now. I just don't know.
You see, I believe in healing. I believe that God can completely heal me of these knee issues, and I can walk and run again with no pain and swelling and have knees like I have never had, and one day that will happen, because one day I will be with my Abba Father in Heaven where there are no more tears or pain or hurt....where we will be with Jesus, the One who died for us, and be in His light for ALL eternity. Think about that for a minute..........what a beautiful thought huh? Heaven is just so AWESOME!!! And it is the place that God has prepared for us. How great is that?!!
I completely believe that God can heal here, in this life. I don't understand all the ways of healing but I totally believe that God does it, in this dispensation of Grace that we live in. I have seen and experienced it in my own life, just not yet in my knees. God laid on my heart a while back to be going up front in our church when they pray for the sick and have my knee (right) prayed for, and now I will start having the left one prayed for too. I have gotten a different couple every week, and every week it never ceases to amaze me how they pray. These people don't know me, they don't know the struggles that I face in this and other things, and yet they pray over me just what I am needing for that particular moment in time. It is truly amazing and so like our God.
So you see, I'm pressing on. But I'd so LOVE to hear your heart on this. What would you do if you were me? Would you keep pushing through the pain? Would you have the steroid shot? Would you seek other treatment, which you know would involve more surgery and probably at the Mayo Clinic (10 hours from your home)? I know it is a lot to think about. Just kind of on my heart to ask others.........I generally don't do this unless your in my direct sphere of influence, like my husband or sisters, because it is hard to know if you are not walking with me day-to-day through it, but today I woke up with it on my heart to ask you. So I am asking......
What would you do?
Love you.......

Isaiah 43:18-19 "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. 19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland."


  1. Oh my sweet friend... I hate you are having such pain!!!

    Just my opinion... I also believe in healing but I also believe God has means of keeping you out of pain for now... I dont think He wants you to hurt... It reminds me of the story of the guy on the roof that says God will save him, & boats pass by but the man doesnt move because he is waiting on God & God tells him in the end - that's why I sent those boats... :)

    But if you're nervous about the idea of having the shots because you can only have so many... then maybe you can discuss that with your doctor... tell him you're at the point where you feel like you need it, but dont want to "waste" the number you can have... so what else can you do? Because there's GOTTA be more they can do... even if its what you dread - more surgery...

    I know its so much easier to give advice when you dont feel the pain... so I know you are going to do what is best for you & I know you are going to do it prayfully... so I'll pray along with you for the perfect guidance on where to go next...

    Love you (& your little hurtin' knee!)

  2. Dawn I'm so sorry that you are hurting this bad. I know that we serve a might God, and he has healed so many times already. You know that the synvest shots have helped me but I don't know about you. It would be easy to give you advice but deep down your decision must come from you, and alot of prayer. I pray for you daily and I will continue to pray for your healing, and wisdom to know what to do. Love you

  3. That's a tough question, Dawn. I would hate to advise you one way or the other. I know you're praying and seeking God... which would be my recommendation of course. I'll be praying that you get clarity on the matter. I know that you are in good Hands!!

  4. Sweetie,

    I don't believe in telling people "what I would do" in certain situations what I do believe is telling people to PRAY, ASK, SEEK GOD for His wisdom, counsel, instruction, guidance, comfort, strength and healing in the Name of Jesus! I'm praying all of those things for you even now.

    May GOD speak to your heart directly on what He has planned for His daughter Dawn in this situation.

    I am also praying for your healing and for MORE of GOD's grace during this situation.

    As one who has arthritis in my right foot diagnosed in 2004 and in my right knee I know it's painful. I have not endured to the degree you have but I certainly can understand that this is very difficult for you.

    I admire your strength to PRESS...

    I know that's the strength you are receiving from the LORD.

    I love you very much. I pray for you and your family OFTEN.