Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm starting to feel his Senior Year.....

Well ya know for the most part, Dak's Senior Year has been going by pretty good. I haven't shed a lot of tears yet, or even really been sad, for the most part. It has just been a good year of first lasts that we have been soaking in and enjoying.

And then.....

Last night was Fall Athletic Banquet. Here are a few pictures to get started.

Here are Dak and I and Sir Cuteness yesterday afternoon.
How cute are these two kiddos?!! I love them so!!

Okay, so I was SO happy I was feeling up to going, even after a long day. I even wore jeans..... WOOT-WOOT!!!!! We had so much fun!!

Here is Dak, the Team Captain, recieving his accolades. Only Senior on the Team......Team Captain..... 2 Medals this year AND Most Miles Ran for the Boys at 220 for the year. That means for his High School Career he has ran approx 800 miles (give or take a few). WOW!!! I am SO proud of him. What an accomplishment. He had the 9th best time ever for Clever Cross Country and he is the only 4-year letterman for Cross Country in Clever High history. How impressive is that?!! Cross Country is NOT for the faint of heart =) Most kids get started and then realize that they run a 5K EVERY Meet and that they run EVERY morning sometimes 5+ miles, and you have to get up early and it takes sacrifice to do that. I am so proud of Dak for sticking Cross Country out these last four years. He is a better man because of it.

So at the end of the Banquet last night they showed a slide show of the Cross Country runners and the Girls Volley Ball seasons. Everything was going great and then at the very end of the slide show, after the Volley Ball highlights, there came across the screen.....


Now I was a little confused, because we didn't have ANY Seniors on the Volley Ball Team and then Dak's name starts scrolling across the bottom of the screen and then they show a picture of him running and then another picture of him running and then the last picture was of him and I hugging each other at one of his Meets and then the screen says:


Cue the Cap, of the famous Cap and Gown, oh yeah and me?!! Lost it!! Oh my!!!!! I was doing so well to, and then it hit me. My baby really is moving right along with his Senior self and before I know it.....Graduation. One of the coaches came up and said, wow just wait until Graduation!!! But it was SO nice of them to include that at the end. It really has been the highlight of his Senior year for me so far. So neat!!!!!

So here I am sitting on my bed after the festivities were over.

Yes, I know, still looking tired, but it's getting better.

Here is my Sweet Dak. Look at that smile. It says it all doesn't it?

Awwww Me and my boy!!!!! I love this kid so!!!!!

Okay, so before this last little diddy.....let me give you an update. Yesterday I went to the doc and she checked for a UTI - negative. And then did blood work to see if I have an infection setting up somewhere. She is checking two different inflamation markers and one of those she is checking against my white cell count. That will tell her if I am starting to get, or have some kind of infection. So I should find this out today.

Now back to the fun stuff.....

This is a video that Dak and I made when we got home. I thought y'all might enjoy seeing us in action. Please excuse the weird coloring that my camera takes video's in. I don't really know why it does this, but anyway.....

Here ya go!!!

Lamentations 3:22-23 (New International Version)

"22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness."

Love you ~~ Have a Blessed Day,


  1. HAHA!!!! I love you & Dak together... such a special relationship!! That video is great... "We're crying people" - haha!!! I loved it!
    "..& I'll still always love you" - ahhh - such a good momma!!!!

    Good going Dak! What an accomplishment for all those miles on those feet - WOW!!!

    And yipee that you made it lady! You are looking fantastic! Keep up that healing!

    ***HEART*** back to you two!
    Love you lady!

  2. You look great for just having surgery! I hope they can find the reason for the fever so it will put your mind at ease!