Monday, February 7, 2011

Love is a Verb.... Even if you try to burn down the kitchen....

I had a completely different post that I was going to write today, complete with Super Bowl fun, but that will have to wait, because.....

Today has been a day where the Lord is just pressing in on me, telling me to be careful today, to be mindful and watchful today. Have you ever had days where the Holy Spirit is just kind of warning you to be careful and mindful? That is just the kind of day I've been having.

Well, I went and picked up Sir Cuteness this morning and all was well. Got home and all was well. But still had that uneasiness in my Spirit. Be watchful daughter.....

So I got busy, as often I do. Doing too many things and not paying enough attention. Well, Sir Cuteness wanted a movie on, I was trying to put chicken on to shred for supper (yep I start early), and then in the midst of all that the phone rings. Well, as I'm in the middle of this hecticness I smell something.....something burning!!! I run into the kitchen and low and behold there is my stove burner ON FIRE!! Flames shooting up from the burner and I realize I'd turned on the wrong burner and the burner I turned on had a pot holder on it. WHAT IS A POT HOLDER DOING ON THE BURNER?!! Funny the things that run through your mind as your grabbing the flour to put out the fire.

I wasn't sure that there wasn't a little oil around this burner, as we deep fried wings last night (another story for another day =) so instead of water I grabbed flour. Because that is what Heloise said to do right?.....well who knew that flour can burn too, but thankfully after the initial shock it put out the burning potholder.....until I started trying to clean it up and there were parts of the pot holder stuck unburned to the burner and then it started up again, are you kidding me?

Don't worry Sir Cuteness is a safe distance away in his high chair wondering what for the love of burning pot holders I was doing!!!

So I put out the second raging smaller fire and started the clean up process.....which included opening doors and turning on fans in this house with the temp out side not getting out of the twenties. Oh good gravy trains!!!!! I was shaking on the inside people.....and it was NOT from the cold!!

But as I cleaned up the mess I was reminded of the check in my Spirit I had felt ALL morning. I was SO thankful for it and paused just a moment to say a prayer of thankfulness. Father was loving on me through warning me. He knew what was about to happen, and He didn't let it get out of hand, but reminded me to s.....l........o.........w.......... down child. It will get done, or it won't. Be careful and mindful and do that which is important.......

Yep, I was a Martha this morning. I so needed to be Mary, and I'm so thankful for the love of my Savior who protected and kept us safe this morning and I didn't even have to call the Fire Department. Because you see I wasn't surprised when I smelled the smoke and I even knew that something, not the food, was burning. I hopped right into action, bad knee and all and He helped me keep my wits about me. Which is a beautiful thing!!!

Well, I called my husband because I needed his support. And guess what? I got it. He told me to open both doors (front and back).....ummmmm okay. I just had the back open. WOW the smoke cleared out in no time, and he said all was okay and he loved me. I love that man!!!

He didn't yell. He didn't even get remotely upset. He just said, in true Mr. Winslow style, "Sounds like you made a mess." hahahahaha and he would be correct. Flour in the hands of a woman trying to put out a burning potholder = MESS.

So you may be wondering what any of this has to do with Love being a verb....well, I have felt so well loved by my Father today. He loves us and loves us well all.the.time. He is always with us good times and bad and even when we try to set our kitchens on fire. I am so thankful!!!

On another note: I should have our Bible Study Questions up later today. I will not make any promises lest I burn down the laundry room =)

Love you so,



    Lady! I'm so glad you & that little bundle of cuteness are alright! How frightening that must have been!!!!!

    But I know exactly that "feeling" you are talking about - like you are just KNOWING something is about to happen.

    I can just see Jesus standing in that kitchen before it happened, getting ready to help you through it all... wow... what a visual... Yep - Love right there!!!!

    And what sweet husband... giving you comfort.

    Hope the mess wasnt TOO much of a pain to clean up. I imagine it'll be like sand... you'll be sweeping up flour for DAYS!!!

    HUGS & so thankful along with you for safety!!!!! love you friend!

  2. So glad you are okay and you were attentive to His leading throughout the day. (Dick always amazes me. What a good man.)

  3. Sounds like you had a exciting day flour and all. Thankful that God was taking care of you and gave you wisdom of how to handle the situation. Always be attentive to that still small voice. Love you

  4. My word!! Stuff like that scares me to death. That 'inner voice' keeps us safe :)