Monday, February 7, 2011

A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place.....Questions for Weeks 3 & 4

Well ladies, it is once again time for our Bible Study discussion over at Chatzy tomorrow evening at 6:00 pm CST.

This Bible Study is so rich. That is the best way to describe it for me. It is so rich in heritage and so rich in meaning, tying the Old and New Testaments together. I am simple LOVING IT!!!

So let's begin:

We studied in week 3 how God prepared the Israelites for His dwelling, The Tabernacle.

There were so many preparations that had to be made. God gave the Israelites the opportunity to give Freewill Offerings. I find it so interesting that the people, as stubborn and grumbling as they were, gave from their hearts freely until finally Bezalel told Moses they had more than enough for doing the work the LORD had commanded to be done. Ex 36:4-5 Amazing!! I want to give like that. What about you?

Question 1:

On page 56, we were asked to read I Corinthians 3:9-15 and were asked what six materials can we choose to build on this foundation:
Gold - Silver - Costly Stones
Wood - Hay - Straw

What are some examples of these in our lives? What will last and what will not?

Question 2:

Let's discuss I Peter 4:19 "Those who suffer according to God's will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good."

Beth Moore says: "You are looking at a classic freewill offering. No one can make you surrender your sufferings to God. Only you can decide how your fires will affect you. Will you be santified or scarred?"

This verse takes on even more significance if we consider Peter's life. We know he sufferend in his life, but also in his death. I'm sure most of us know that Peter was crucified upside down because he did not deem himself worthy enough to be crucified the same way his Lord Jesus Christ was. That is just amazing to me!!! But did you know that before he was crucified, he had to watch his precious wife, Perpetua, be crucified before him.

"In Edgar J. Goodspeed’s book, The Twelve, he quotes from the accounts of Clement of Alexandria in his Miscellanies and from Eusebius in his Church History: “They say that when the blessed Peter saw his own wife led out to die, he rejoiced because of her summons and her return home, and called to her very encouragingly and comfortingly, addressing her by name, and saying, `O thou, remember the Lord!’” Peter and his wife apparently were of one mind in regards to issues of faith, and they were both willing to give their lives, apart from one another or together, in order to serve their Lord."

So how do your fires affect you? Are you sanctified or scarred?

Question 3:

Beth Moore says on the top of page 62: "The key to wearing our new self, rather than allowing our robes of righteousness to hang in the closet, is found in Ephesians 4:23. Are you storing anything of the old self in the new mind? We are new creatures in Christ; but if we still think like the old creature; we will find it impossible to personify the new. Most of our wars are fought on the battlefield of the mind.

Why is what we think so crucial to our walk as Christians? How are some ways we can renew our minds every day? (Romans 12:2)

Week 4:

Now we are breaking ground on the Tabernacle. Let me encourage you to be drawing out your Tabernacle. is is such an important part of the study. I am not a sketch artist by any stretch, but I am really enjoying this part so much. It is very engaging.

Question 4:

First article in the Tabernacle: The Altar of Sacrifice

I love the way God lit the original fire. Beth Moore says: ".....God had lit the fire from His own holy hand. Only fire originating from Himself could truly purify and consume, or approve, an offering. Therefore, the fire must never be allowed to go out......God lit the fire, but humans had to fuel it."

What is your responsibility after God lights the fire in you? (2 Timothy 1:6-8) answer: To testify about our Lord.

Why is this hard sometimes? What are some ways that you overcome the fear of talking to others about Christ?

Question 5: The Bronze Laver

At the bottom of page 86 and top of page 87, are seven reasons we have difficulty following Jesus' command to wash one another's feet. Which one(s) resonated with you the most and why?

I'm looking so forward to our discussion tomorrow evening. Thank you for your patience in getting the questions up today. It has been an eventful day =)

I love you so ~~

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