Monday, February 21, 2011

Stinkin' "Thinkin' ~~ Love is a Verb Day 21

So I must tell you that lately I have struggled with pain. These knee is kickin' my booty, to say the least. I guess I am just tired of hurting

So this morning, me and my bad mood, got up. And I CHOSE joy!!! Please hear me clearly on this ~~ I CHOSE JOY!!!!! ~~ this morning it was a choice. I woke up and the Lord put this verse on my heart: "This is the day the LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!!" Yep, He was asking me to choose joy in my pain.

Well, as you can imagine, I didn't sleep good, so my mood was VERY stinky, but God was very near me today. As I got in my car to go pick up Sir Cuteness, I put my Playlist on entitled "Wonderful" and I pushed "Shuffle" and one song after another was a Praise song. God was intent on me CHOOSING joy. So I SANG AND SANG loud and raised my hand and I'm sure that if you passed the silver car with the lady raising her hands and singing at the top of her lungs, I wasn't waving to you; sorry. Nope I was praising my Jesus and CHOOSING JOY!!

So what in the world brought all this on? Well, this weekend has been a difficult one for me and my Dak. I don't like hard weekends, but I know they are necessary and inevitable when raising a teen.

This child of mine has the sweetest heart, but he is given to "stinkin' thinkin' " A-LOT!! It He knows better....but his mind will go crazy on him and he will get caught up in thinking ALL the wrong things. So as this was happening yesterday, I stopped him and told him that what we think is SO important and that "stinkin' thinkin' " gets us in SO much UNECESSARY trouble. He agreed. It was a break through for sure.

As I was explaining to him how it works with our thinking and how it becomes actions, I was reminded of days past, where I would have to explain things on much simpler terms, and now that my boy is transitioning into a man ~~ tear. ~~ I can speak plainly to him, and he gets it, because I KNOW the LORD is at work in his heart.

So this morning when I got up after a difficult night of sleep, and chose joy, God started working on my heart about my own "stinkin' thinkin' ". What we think is vitally important to how we act. So I picked my little bad mood self up and got about my day and even delivered some cinnamon rolls to someone I knew would need a nice, sugary breakfast =)

And then I stopped and got Dak a Frapp on the way home, and again was SO glad I did. He was very appreciative. And I was choosing joy!!!!!

So, CHOOSE JOY!!!!!!!!!


Bible Study ladies ~~ I will be putting the questions up today and sending you an e-mail with a link. I am so looking forward to Bible Study tomorrow evening.


Have a Blessed day,


  1. I really loved this post, Dawn. I have probably told you (like a million times) that 18 is a TOUGH age. They THINK they don't need you any more and there is some serious head-buttin' that goes on... but, Dak loves you and respects you, so a little "talkin" like you do goes a LONG way. You will remember this time well, friend!

  2. Lady - you are nothing BUT sheer JOY!!! :) I know everyone has bad days, but you really do shine God's love & joy!!!

    Sorry you've had bad days with your boy... the life of a mom of a teenager, right? But even in the bad moments of that - enjoy it - he'll soon be a man on his own & even those horrible teen years will be precious & dear! :)

    Praying for that stingy little knee!! Come on knee cap... get stronger!!!

    HUGS friend!!!

  3. Hi Dawn! Thank you for your comments on my blog. I sure needed this post!

    Just yesterday I was asking God why I can't be "normal"! Why I have to be allergic to most all meds and be in pain so much of the time. This is a great reminder and I need to daily (no momently) choose joy. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. I'm happy you chose JOY! Life sometimes beat us down. See what you can change so you will have more joy. Trade babysitting with a friend so you can get a moment alone or so you can take a walk at the park. Do something different so you can appreciate the moment.

  5. Ugh! That knee of yours! I SO wish you didn't have to deal with that. You do so beautifully, though. Choosing Joy is HARD!