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A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place.....Questions for Weeks 5 & 6

Hello ladies,

Can you believe that we are getting ready to study weeks 7 & 8 in our study over the next two weeks. We're learning SO much!!! My heart is so full!!

So let's get started:
In Weeks 5 & 6 we are beckoned beyond the 1st curtain and into the Holy Place. Remember that the earthly Tabernacle was a pattern of the heavenly one. That is such a Blessed thought to me, but it is also what we need to keep reminding ourselves of as we study: Holy God wanting to meet with and have a relationship with sinful man. For that to happen, the pattern that God set out had to be followed exactly according to HIS plan and pattern, and when it wasn't there were grave consequences, which we encountered in week 6.
So let's come into the Holy Place ladies. He becons us to come near and learn.....
Question 1:
The Golden Lampstand:
The lampstand was hammered out of a 75 lb. piece of pure gold. AMAZING!!!
I love how Beth Moore ties the lampstand into John 15 on pages 99-100.
Read John 15:1-9. The pruning process hurts and is difficult, but why is it necessary?
Can you tell a time that God pruned a branch in you so that it could be even more fruitful?
Question 2:
On the top of page 103 Beth Moore states:
"We are the heavenly lampstand of this age to show Jesus to a dark world. He is no less present when we hide our lamp, but when we do this, we make it harder for those walking in darkness to see. Christ was the Olive Tree pressed to make available the pure oil of the Holy Spirit to fuel our lamps continually."
This paragraph was very convicting for me. I do not want to hide my light under a bushel. I need to ALWAYS display it for others to see.
We are lights in this dark world, but that came at a very high price to our Savior.
List 3 tangible ways that you can show your light to others that don't know Christ.
Question 3:
I love how we can get such a visual, from the Word, of the Tabernacle and all the pieces. In Lev. 24:5-7, we get the picture of the bread on the Table of Shewbread. Notice that each loaf was to be made from the same amount of flour for each; 2/10 of an ephah of fine flour, so they would have been all the same size.
How were they arranged on the table? (vs 6)
In verse 7, what was placed along side the bread?
What was its purpose (Lev. 2:1-2)?
Question 4:
The Altar of Incense:
God has spoke to me so much through the Altar of Incense.
The Altar of Incense was as deep in the Holy Place as the priest could go on a daily basis.
I love how Beth Moore ties the Altar of Incense in with prayer through the Word.
On page 118-119, we read Luke 7:36-50, and the five points she makes there after.
Which of these speaks to you the most and why?
Question 5:
Where do you find yourself; are you a prayer warrior?
Or do you struggle with prayer?
If so, why?
Question 6:
As stated in the intro: Holy God wanted(s) to meet with sinful man, so He designed a plan that had to be followed exactly for that to happen.
What happened when Nadab & Abihu did not follow God's plans to spec?
What did they do that was not to God's specifications?
Where was the fire to come from?
What was the real issue with Nadab and Abihu?
I always feel like I should apologize for the lack of questions. There is so much we could discuss, but please know that I ask God to lead me and to write these questions through me. I pray that we discuss what He desires us to discuss.
If you have questions that we do not cover, please e-mail me. I will do my best to help.
Stay in His Word my dear girls ~~ I'll "see" you tomorrow evening over at Chatzy ~~ I love you so,

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