Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Letters ~~ Oh How He Loves Us ~~

Dear Dak,

Okay, so I'm not even gonna kid around even a little.....Senior year is kickin' my boo-tay!!! You are lovin' it, I must say, except for freaking out a little over college, but you came in the other day from school and said that you really wanted to check out MSU (in Springfield) and MSSU (Missouri Southern, in Joplin, about an hour away). In both instances ,you would like to live on campus. You have such an independent Spirit I think it will serve you well, either way.

You had your model call-back on Thursday evening, to which you got to walk the cat-walk. You were thrilled!! You haven't heard back from them yet, but either way, your mama loves ya =)

You got 1st place last weekend in S & D tournament in the Improv Division and then yesterday you medaled in both Improv and Duo (took 5th place in both). You told me last night you felt so special with two medals around your neck at the same time (hahaha), and then you told me a funny story about a girl asking you to dance at the spontaneous dance party that broke out in the gym before y'all left for home.

She came up and asked you to dance and you said, "I don't even know you...." (smooth son =) to which she replied as she stuck out her hand, "I'm Sarah" you said, "Umm I'm Dakota..." She said, "now we know each other, let's dance." And you, being the you that you are, grabbed Liza (your duo partner) and off to the dance floor with Sarah and Liza you went. Probably not what Sarah had in mind, but you my son, dance to the beat of your own drum. You always have, that's one of those things I dig about you =)

So this week, is all about college. We have a college visit on Thursday for MSU, and then the one for Joplin will probably be next week. I'm so happy for you and a little sad for me, all at the same time!!! That's just the way mom's of Senior's roll. Trust me on this!!!

Love you for always ~~ mom


My Sweet Sir Cuteness,

What can I say? Life with you is so fun and exciting!!! We have had many outings this week and you have done just GREAT for gamma. We had to get taxes done, drop taxes back off, go to the grocery store and various other things, and you have been such a trooper.

It was so funny, you told me that you wanted to go to Calister's (McAlister's) and get a hot dog and sweet tea. And then on Friday Daddy gave you $$ for McAlister's to which you told me weren't eating lunch, well, until it got lunch time and then you were ready for (M)Calister's. So funny. So we ate there again, and you just loved it, and I love you so much!!

Before you left for church this morning you came in to give me a hug (I was laying in bed a little under the weather with allergies), so you gave me a big hug, and kiss and then came back for "nosers" ~~ You make my heart sing little one. I love you so!!!

This week, we will be hanging out a lot and going to the doc on Monday for my knee. That will be an adventure, but in true Sir Cuteness fashion, you will make even that fun and exciting!!

I love you to the moon ~~ gamma


My dear Mr. Winslow,

You are RIGHT NOW spraying the carpet because Sir Cuteness got a little dot of washable marker on it last week. You have cleaned the whole kitchen and living and vacuumed and worked hard all morning. You've let me sip my hot tea, do my Bible Study, ice my knee and do my PT all while you have slaved away, never ONCE complaining!!!

You are my hero.

You want to buy a motorcyle. tear. And that's all I'll say about that.

I love you Sweetie ~~ Petrii

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