Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Letters ~~ I Love My Family ~~

My Dear Sweet Dak,

This week, at times, has been a tough one for us as mom and son. As times goes by, you my dear, have to learn to fly. And that first step, so often, is hard. Really.hard. But you are learning. You told me that you will be doing Scholarship stuff tonight. I'm so proud of you.

Okay so I must interject here.....Dak RIGHT NOW you are I wouldn't cook your lunch because I just got back from a walk and the knee is threating to fall off the body (yes, it could happen =) You wanted brats with peppers and onions, so I encouraged you to cook it for yourself, and guess what? You did it. Hilariously, but you did it!!! =) Although, you did just have me come over and make sure they were done, and during this process you couldn't get it cut and this is what insued:

Dak: Mom, you do it.

Me: No, grow up 18 year old. I am NOT carrying you on my hip anymore.

Dak: I have a knife woman!!!

Me: hahahahahahahaha

Son, I love you so much and afternoons like this make me smile and laugh. You make me happy. I love it when you sing The Sound of Music. "The Hills are alive.....with the Sound of Music...." Just sayin' =)

Son, this week will be exciting for you. We have two first-last coming up this week. One for me and one for you. Double tear.

Thank you for loving me and thank you for the joy you bring to my life.

Love you for always ~~ mom


My Dear Sweet Sir Cuteness,

You are growing up so fast. Your new thing this week has been you wanting a backpack. You have walked around with an old purse of mine trying to carry it on your back and calling it your backpack. So I went out to the garage and found one of Dak's from when he was in elementary school. It is a Pokemon backpack, and you are SO happy with it. You have filled it with blocks and toys and you carry it around and want to "run". It's so cute though because if the blocks shift, so do you. It is so cute!!!

But your new affection for backpacks make you look so old. Your daddy said you look like your ready to go to school, to which you replied: "I am ready go to school." Your daddy told you to slow down. And I told him that he will blink and you will be filling our Scholarship applications. It happens

You are such a joy and delight, little one. We have fun stuff planned for this Valentine's week. You have made Valentine's for everyone and couldn't wait to get to church this morning so you could give your Grandma Cindy her Valentine. You LOVE to give. It makes me so happy to see you so happy to do for others. You have such a tender heart even at such a young age. You understand so much.

You gave G her Valentine on Friday and you have so many to pass out tomorrow. You are going to be SO excited!!!

Love you to the moon ~~ Gamma


My Sweet Man,

You took us out for a date lunch yesterday. We went to my favorite Italian Restaurant and had such a nice time talking and laughing and hanging out. I LOVE hanging out with you. And then we went and bought a blender. So fun!! You had looked up the reviews online and knew what you wanted to get. I love you. You try to get the most for our money on everything we buy. I love that.

Thank you for such a beautiful day yesterday and thank you for having such a forgiving and loving Spirit.

Today we have had so much fun so far. We went out to the Battlefield and you did your run and then called me and had me walk out and meet you, so you could help me do a little walking of my own. You take such good care of me.

I love you babe ~~ Petrii

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