Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you suppose to be playing tennis or looking at your mother? hmmm.....

So at the beginning of the 2nd Semester, Dak changed his schedule from Life Sports to Art IV first hour.

I was a tad concerned, because this is the FIRST Art Class Dak has taken in High School.


He had to go to the teacher and be accepted into the class, and Mr. Schmidt waved the prerequiste requirements (Art I, II & III) and allowed him to go right into Art IV.

At first it was an adjustment for him, but when I talked to Mr. Schmidt at P/T conferences, he assured me he was doing fine. And then when we got his report card he had an A in that class.

I was one impressed and proud mama, but the proof's in the pudding, right? (What does that saying even mean? =)

So here's some of the pudding.....

This is an art project he is working on right now, so it is not complete.

He had to draw half of a face of a friend or family member and then the other half and rest of the picture had to be filled with the things that person is into or loves.

So he chose his friend Alex (NOT HIS's okay....I'm.not.bitter. =)

And RJ, for some reason I think Ricky will really like it.

So you may have to click on the picture to really see it good, but the half Alex is in the center and then there is RadioHead Album cover pictures on the right and the Joker, from Batman on the left.

I thought when he said Joker he meant from a deck of cards, since there is a house of cards on the bottom of the pic, but no he meant the actual Joker from the movie.

Here is a close up.

I know, the Joker looks creepy, but the Joker is creepy right?

And what has really impressed me about this is the picture of the Joker he drew is a pic he has on his IPOD. How crazy is that?

I think I'd need a lifesize pic (not that I would want one) in order to draw it correctly....


I'm looking so forward to showing you more of his artwork.

And he made the hall.

That is a GREAT accomplishment!!!

If your artwork is good enough it goes in to the Hall of Art at school.

(That's what I call it anyway....catchy huh? =)

I don't know which one made it, because I have yet to see a finished project, but he assures me he gets them all back at the end of school.

YAY!!! Yep I'll be sharing more.....

Now onto a little tennis, shall we?

The boy is tearing it up this year.

Last year, it was our first year as a school to have tennis, and it was a tough year.

But this year, Dak has set it on fire!!!

The boy is fierce!!

And skinny.....that's another story.

Maybe I need to take up tennis.


So here he is.....

My sweet.....


Tennis playing boy.....

Okay, or not!!!

Son, aren't you suppose to be PLAYING tennis and NOT sticking your tongue out at your mother?

Yes this is DURING a match.

I bet the coach LOVED this!!

I am probably on the list as one of THOSE mother's now.

Thanks son =)

The funny thing is, I didn't even know he did this until I put them on the computer.

So funny.

Oh, and RJ, again this picture reminds me of Ricky.

This is no ordinary stick-your-tongue-out-at-your-mother kind of thing.

This is a ROCKER in your face kind of stick your tongue out at your mother kind of thing.

Silly kid =)

But he did end up playing tennis..... Look at this form.....
And check out this serve.....

Yep, the boy can draw and play some tennis.....

And sing, and drive his mama crazy.....

Oh, now that's another story for another day ......

Love you ~~


  1. I'm totally going to show this post to Ricky... he'll love ALL of it! Between superheroes AND rock N Roll? Yep - Dak & he would be fantastic friends :)

    That drawing is so awesome!!!

    Another reason why I would love to be near you... my love of tennis. I'd be THAT person too who cheers LOUDLY - which I know you're not supposed to do at tennis matches! Its a sport... sporting events are supposed to be FUN! I went to a youth girls tennis game before with a giant foam finger :) haha!!!

  2. Atleast you aren't yelling when he serves. I really enjoyed watching him play. He has improved leaps and bounds since last year. Love the artistic side. You need to check out the hall, I bet it is really good. Love You