Sunday, July 10, 2011

SOAR 2011 ~~ Freshman Orientation ~~

So Thursday and Friday was Dak's Freshman Orientation at MSU. 
It was so fun and a little scary at first,
but in true Dak fashion,
he SOARED!!!

Here is Dak and I leaving on Thursday. 
See how nervous he looks.....
Yep, Starbucks helped =)

This is what we saw standing in line. 
So pretty and poignant....
Okay, so loosening up =)

Yep, I did the mom thing for two days....
It was magical!....
I know this is blurry, but you know how sometimes your kid just does the look that is completely them?...  
Yep, this is a Dak look. 
I LOVE this look!!!!!
And this one.....
We spent some time in some beautiful arcitecture....
This guy you see here is Dak's mini-me....
too funny!!
After dinner, Dak wanted to stay and bowl with the SOAR leaders.
Yeah, I was down with that. 
I sat and laughed and took pictures and made new friends at my age.....
It was a GOOD day!!!

One of the SOAR leaders ~~ really funny guy!!

Dak, getting his bowl on.....
Then Friday we brought Sir Cuteness and Legs with us.....
Oh my stars....did he ever have fun at college.....

So MSU is home of the Bears....
So this giant bear is right in front of the Student Union....
Ok so this was suppose to be me saying STOP,
instead it looks like me surfing on the bear =)
Me and Sir Cuteness.....
He is hugging me SO tight right here .....  I love this boy so!!!!!
One of my FAVORITE pictures!!!!!

He was absolutely taken by the bear's tail.
For the love people..... 
Legs is my girl.....
Totally my girl!!!!!

Okay so this is another fav.....
Sir Cuteness was ALL about the fountain.....
And what a BEAUTIFUL fountain it is.....

So are you wondering where all the pics of Dak are for Friday?
Yeah, we didn't get a SINGLE PIC of him on Friday.
He was so busy getting his schedule worked out and then we had to go to the bookstore and reserve his books and then go to financial aide and get that worked out too.
So much to do on one of these visits. 

But we did it and move in day is August 19th.
I am so happy and sad all at the same time.
I am already checking out the parent page and figuring out what I can do to make it really special for Dak.
I got a few tricks up my sleeve =)
If anybody has any fun things I can do for him, please let me know.

Also, Legs and K are moving in the same day, same school, so looking for some fun and thoughtful things to do for them to, and remember I am a mama and grandmama of ALL boys, so except for being a girl myself, I am a little challenged in that area =)

So there you have it, our SOAR day ~~ it was SO fun and SO informative ~~

Dak also got the head of his department for an advisor.  He is so pumped!!
He has art classes downtown, so he is double pumped!!!

Love you so ~~


  1. I'm so proud of you... no tears - no sad sounding post... you sound so excited for your boy! (& Legs... love that name for her) You're doing great with the changes. I'm sure seeing Dak in his "new home" makes you feel more at ease & I know you have to be excited to see him SOAR!!! :)

    Love all the pictures.. the ones with you & SC are A-DOR-ABLE!!!!!

    So the countdown is on then for Move-in-date!!! Exciting times!!!

  2. Love the pictures. Aug. 19 will be here before you know it. It sounds like soar went really well. They sure didn't have anything like that when I went that first day. Look forward to talking to you and hearing all about it. Love You

  3. What an exciting time! We went through the same process last year...such a busy time. It is quite a learning process for all involved. Enjoy the rest of your summer. The time will fly. Take care.

  4. Oh he will have so much fun! Springfield is such a great college town...within close reach of his momma.
    What is he majoring in?