Wednesday, July 13, 2011


"Mama, you taught me to do the right thing.
Now it's time to let your baby fly....."

So that is a line in a Carrie Underwood song (love her by the way =)  and something I have been thinking about lately.

To say my heart is a little tender toward a tall, drink of lovely boy, would be an understatement.  As you know, SOAR was last week, and now my boy is all registered for college.  My heart is so tender.  I visit so many blogs with young babes and it feels like my own babe was that young just yesterday, and now he is ready to fly.

Oh, I keep getting reassured that everything will be fine.  We've raised him well, and he knows THE Truth.  There is evidence of that and I am more thankful than you know, that Father God is confirming what I've always known, He is Dak's Abba and He loves him more than I.

So why am I sharing this today?  Well, again it is this tender heart.  I have had a college box in his room since he'd made his decision, and I put things in it, so we don't have so much to do and spend come August.  Well yesterday, my sweet baby sister, Dak's Aunt NeNe (that's what he called her as a wee babe ~~ makes me smile =)  brought a sack full of lovelies for my boy to add to his box.  People just want to love on this boy. 

Dak has such vision. 
Dak has such style. 
Dak has such passion. 
Dak is one of a kind. 
And God chose me to be his mama.  WOW!!!

So on August 19th my baby will fly away to college and start a whole new chapter in his life.  And me his mama will come home to an empty room, but a full heart.  Knowing that God is in control and loves my sweet Dak more than I.

Mama.....the sweet word.
Mama.....means you have a full heart.
Mama.....I am Blessed.


  1. Dang it... you made me tear up!!! :) OK - use that crafty skill & just start making a countdown calendar NOW of when he'll be home for holidays :)

  2. He has grown up and you are right, God has Blessed you with Him. I remember all the different ways that you have taught him the Word and about God. He will be missed in your house but remember God has a plan for Dakato and he will direct his path. Love You

  3. I hear ya. Been there, done that. It's hard right now, but you'll look back on it in a few years as sweet memories.