Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Friday ~~

Happy Friday and since it's Friday,
You know what that means.....

So let's get started.....

I am in another Scrapbook Class and this time it is 12 Challenges in 4 weeks and so far I've done every one except for the current one, but I have some ideas for it. 

This is the finished page for my second challenge.
You had to take a picture and make it the canvas.
So I took a pic of Dak and Legs from Baccalaurete and added just a few embellies.
I edited it in Picnik (Thank you RJ =) and I LOVE the way it turned out!!

 In our third challenge, we were asked to use the color orange.
Since orange doesn't go with ANY thing I have going right now,
I decided to make a little mini for my baby sis.
She had asked me to write down my free-weight exercise routine,
so I thought "Why not make it cute?" and use orange.
My camera is doing something funky,
but this is how it turned out.....
 Here is the inside.....
All the writing is my routine.
I wrote it in pencil so baby sis can erase my lbs, reps and sets as needed.
She loved it!!!
 Sir Cuteness has been taken pictures again.
Too funny =)
 This picture 
Sir Cuteness had on these two different shoes the other night, and not just for a little while, but for practically the whole evening.
So I tried and tried to get a picture and he kept running away, laughing and giggling all the way.
So when I downloaded these pics, it included a lot of pics that Sir Cuteness had taken with my camera, and there was this one.
I tried SO hard to take a pic for y'all and he'd already done it.
Why thank you Sir Cuteness =)     Hahahahahaha ~~

 Yep more Sir Cuteness photo's .....  =)
 My pics are all out of order, but I wanted to show you this one as well.
This was my first Challenge in this new Scrapbook Class.
You had to take a pattern from everyday life and implement it into a scrapbook page.
So I took a basketweave pattern from a basket that sits on my computer desk and adapted that to fit my scrapbook page.
I did a basketweave on my page and then collaged Dak and Legs from a Baccalauraette picture and then collaged a pic of a chair from our college visit day of the college Dak will be attending, and also added a stack of books and our shoes from the same day.
So cute!!!  I was really happy with the result.

We've been SO busy around here.
I have lots of fun stuff to share with you and am hoping to maybe get a video up this weekend.

Have a Super Blessed Day ~~


  1. Ahh - dont you love Picnik... it really is a great tool!

    Love all your projects! I still need to post the pics of my gorgeous book!!!!

    I a in love with your one you made with the workout log... so creative!

    Love the basketweave to... that's just a classic design - always looks nice!

    I love SC just clicks away with the camera. When he grows up, he can come work with me in photography :)

    Happy Friday friend!

  2. I love all your scrapbooking and looks like you are really enjoying your classes.

    I used Picnik as well (again, thanks to RJ!) when I was faithfully doing Project 365 (which flopped after the tornado hit & we had no power for 11 days).

    Sir Cuteness cracks me up and looks like had some unique angles on some of those shots...who knows...he may end up being a fantastic photographer one day with shots like those! :)

    Hope you & your family have a wonderful weekend.