Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nostalgia ~~ Oh how time Flies.....

Okay, so this mama and grandma is feeling a wee bit nostalgic.
One month from today, August 19th 2011, is college move in day for my sweet boy, Dak.
I am just amazed at how quickly the time has flown by.
My baby will be a College Freshman, living on his own and doing life, one month from today.

Wow it is SO hard to grasp, but I am just so proud of him.

Another thing that has me SO nostalgic, is this little guy.....
Sir Cuteness!!!

This is him and my man, on Sir Cutenesses birth into this world.
He will be three in less than two weeks.

WOW!!  I mean seriously.....the time has just flown by.
(Isn't my man the sweetest thing.....I am just sayin'  =)

 Here is Sir Cuteness enjoying a chicken nugget.....
 And here he is with Papa and Daddy on Father's Day 2 two years ago.
Look at those sweet curls.....
Let me grab a spoon =)  ~~

(The date is wrong in the picture by the way ~~ don't let it throw you off =)

So yep, little ole nostalgic me......


I have so many things I want to post on, but just not much time right now.

Tomorrow I go back to the pain doc.....so I'll keep you posted.
And I'm so wanting to do another video on my garden.
We are enjoying tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, egg plant (picked my first one of the season today) and so many yummy herbs.  So I'm really wanting to get that one up and going.....

And also Spiritually, God has me in SUCH a special place with Him right now.
He is teaching me SO much and I am getting time to study with my man.
It is a very special time for us in our growth in the Lord. 
I love Him so!!!

So I'm off to make Chicken Alfredo with Sour Dough Bread and maybe a yummy salad for supper.

Hope you all have a Blessed evening ~~ 

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  1. I was just telling Julie about your garden & that she needs to check out the last video you did of it. I'm still jealous over it ;)

    Look at how little SC was... oh my goodness - I knew he was growing up, but seeing how tiny he was - wow - where DOES the time go?

    Praying for your appointment with the pain doc. Praying that the route you have chosen to take with the topical has been helping.

    You just inspire me with your attitude in all the things that this world throws at you... honestly - you have no idea lately how much it has spoken to my heart in my own troubles. What an example you are... just ONE of the many reasons why I love ya lady! ANd glad to call you my friend :)