Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Don't Bounce Like I Used To ~~ At least I looked pretty.....

Oh my stars ~~ Do y'all know that you are looking at the MOST clutsy person ever?  I mean seriously, I've always had the distinct ability to fall over my own feet.....or air.

Well yesterday, at least I didn't fall over my own feet or air.....

Let me explain.....

Dak, Legs and I went to college to finish up some health things, because if you are living in the dorm you HAVE to have your Meningitis shot up to date or sign a statement saying that you don't have it and school is not liable......and on and on.....

So Dak got his Meningitis shot and I took care of insurance card stuff and then it happened.  I sent Dak and Legs to feed the meter and told them I'd be out in a few.  They both asked if I was sure, which was weird, but I told them yes, so they left and I took care of my business.

So I got done, headed out across the street and up onto the sidewalk JUST FINE and then the next thing I know after I got to the pavement down I went.....hard.  I couldn't even believe it, as I was falling, I thought about the time I fell at the Nature Center and tore a tendon in my wrist (that I had to have 2 surgeries on.....another story for another day =)  and as soon as I fell, I did my best to get back up SO thankful I fell on my right side, and leftie was okay.  Of course, my getting up from a ground position is a task, so I had to hike my booty in the air and do my weird standing thing, and then the next thing I know a guy was asking me if I was okay and then two more guys came by and helped me pick up my papers, ok chased them down the street for me and brought it to me, sigh, and then asked me if I was ok.  I assured them I was fine, sideways glasses and all.  I was SO embarrassed.  I finally took them off and made my way to the car, in which Dak was being funny and had locked the door, and as soon as he opened it and I told them that maybe I'd fallen, he jumped into action.

He came around and checked out my hand, which is so sore by the way, but I think just sprained.  And then my knee hurt on the right side, so we checked that out and it was just a scrape and then my toe kept hurting so I took my flip-flops off (yes I was wearing some fashionable footwear =)  and there was a pool of blood in my flip-flop, and Dak became Dr. House in a hurry.

He got me something to stop the bleeding, said he didn't think I would need stitches, but I did need to apply pressure and he was off to confiscate me some bandaides.  He was so cute and helpful and concerned.  He drove us home and was so sweet to me about it, but also giving me a hard time.  Whenever I would comment on his driving he would tell me to sit over there and be in pain please =)  

So today I am SO sore, but okay.

Oh and the pretty part.....I got my hair done yesterday morning.  It is so cute and pretty again.  I like it when it is pretty.....anyway.....

So at least if I had to fall, my hair was pretty right?  =)


So today we have been packing and getting ready to move these youngin's out.  I'm headed to the Super Center for a couple last minute things, and then tonight I will try to get a few more things done before we load up the cars tomorrow.

WOW!!!  This is going so fast and furious!!  I spent a few minutes in his room a while ago smelling his bandana.....Is that weird?  Well weird or not, it almost made me cry, so I had to get out of there =)

I love him so!!!!!

Ok, so have a Blessed evening ~~ I love you ~~

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  1. OH NO FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As soon as I saw your title, I was thinking, "NOT ON THE KNEE!!!!" Praises that at least that didnt happen. Boo that you took a big nose-dive! Isnt that funny how we get embarassed over something like that though?

    What a sweet boy you have rushing to take care of you! Precious!!!!

    Oh lady - I bet you'll probably get more sore before you get better... probably this week, you're gonna be feeling it! Keep that Alleve nearby!!!

    I've been told I should have a bubble-wrap-suit, so you're not alone :) We can make them STYLISH! :)