Monday, August 22, 2011

Move in day finally arrived.....

This first picture is of Leggs and her Boyfriend that we affectionately call PB&J (his initials a little mixed up =) 

They are so sweet and this guy is a keeper.
He will be playing baseball at Evangel University in Springfield.
They are very sweet together ~~

So this was Dak's room on Thursday.
We had lots of help and had both Dak and Leggs loaded up and ready to go in record time.
And here is where Dak will spend the next 9 months of his life.
He is so excited!!!
Here is his desk.....
And his closet.....
His dresser.....
My sweet boy on move in day.....
And I must say, they were so organized at this university.
They allow you 30 mins to unload your things in front of the dorm, have your student go in and check in and get their key and go up to their room a do a walk through.  Then it is time to get them moved in and ready to go. It went really smooth.....
Me and my boy.....

Here is his bedding.....
It is very boylike, but still has personality..... =)

There will be a lot of this going on no doubt =)
He is so happy that these beds are extra long  =)
Kicking back.....
And RJ, this is for you.....
This is the book that all incoming Freshman have to read this year.....
Thought you might enjoy seeing this.....  =)

This has been a happy, sad, overwhelming and still is a very interesting process.
I just cried and cried when I left him on Friday, but then on Saturday I was fine. 
I went up and spent several hours with him and Leggs and all was well.

I wish these kids both all the best......
Stay tuned for what I'm sure will continue you to be an interesting journey =)

On another note, I am starting a new book this week "The Gospel According to Ruth" that I am excited about.  Has anyone read this one?  I've heard really good things.....  I'll let you know.

Love you and have a Blessed Day ~~


  1. Isnt it an exciting time - even in the midst of a heart-tugging time?

    Love his bedding! Very 'boy' but still keeping a good STYLE! :) I expect nothing less from the Dak-Man! :)

    Love that all the freshmen have to read that! Like that school already! :)

  2. Looks like he got everthing in and an extra long bed. He will love that. So glad you got to help him. I love the bedding. Look forward to seeing the rest of your pics. The dorms looks much nicer than I remember them. Love you

  3. I remember how small the storage areas are in the dorms!! Yikes, they live in a small area, don't they?

    So glad he is moved in and ready to embark on this new adventure... take care of yourself. You'll do fine!