Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Friday on Monday =) ~~ Birthday Edition ~~

OH MY STARS ~~ It is SO good to be back!!!

I have been having trouble with blogger.again.
But now I'm back. 

So in honor of me being back.....
let's Random Friday post on this Labor Day Monday.....
Is it me, or has this weekend gone REALLY FAST?!!



So my birthday was on August 26th, so last Friday, and I had such a wonderful day.
I am a Well Blessed Woman!!!

First, G took me and Sir Cuteness to Lola's for lunch.
Now let me just say, if y'all live in the area and have never been.....shame on you and GO.
And if you don't live in the area, when you come to visit your blog buddy in MO, because I know you want to RJ, Jacquie, Stephanie, Meredith..... =)  I will take you to lunch at Lola's and we will bask in the blueberry poppy seed dressing and coconut cake, among other things =)

anyway.....I digress.....

Here is Sir Cuteness, doing what he does best, being cute =)
I'm pretty sure it's his love language.....I KNOW it's mine =) he is the cutest thing in an "I Love Grandma" t-shirt going.....
Just stayin'  ~~
 Do my hands look older, or is it just me?
Yep, they are another year older too....
When I told Leggs my hands looked older,
she said they just looked used.
Yep made me feel NO better =)

And here is G and I.....
Ya know hanging out on my birthday.....
Me smiling, her smirking.....
Yep, it's the way we roll =)
By-the-way, she looked so pretty that day and I looked so sloppy,
but in my defense it was Friday which is Bear Wear day (every Friday if you are an MSU'er or have a kiddo at MSU, Friday's are Bear Wear Day, so my birthday was on a Friday, so I donned my Bear Wear), that and it was my birthday after all =) 
So thanks for looking so pretty G, and so sorry I was, well dressed down at best =)
Oh I wish I'd taken a picture of Sir Cuteness's food.....
It was a muffin tin and each section had a different food..... like,
one section had turkey, another cheese, another carrots, another a dish of ranch dressing, and so on.....
It was SO cute!!!!  And he LOVED it!!!!!
And then for dessert it came with a cookie that he got to pick out.
So he picked out the apple sugar cookie of course and I put whipped cream on it from my Homemade Angel Food Cake.  It was SO good!!!!!

And I might have put a little on his nose =)

Sheer. Total. Bliss.
I love this mouth!!!!!
OH my stars ~~  He is THE sweetest thing!!!
And then that afternoon Dak, Legs, K and 2 Suite Mates made their way home.
Dak came running in before everyone else.....
Bounding into the house and hugged me SO TIGHT!!!!!
This was the hug!!!!!
Do I look short?
Why yes, yes I do =)
K coming in to hug me.....
And Leggs.....

The Group.....
I LOVE these three so!!!!! is good to be loved!!!
The gang....that is E, the girl's suite mate and S, Dak's suite mate.
So glad they came to see me too =)

So cute.....

I'm not the only one who has really missed Dak.....
So sweet.....
I'm trying to show him how to accept his award letter stuff.....
Yeah, does he look like he's paying attention?
No.  No he's not.

So there you have it ~~ it was a Beautiful Birthday.
That evening when everyone had gone, Mr. Winslow and I ate pizza and watched Soul Surfer, which is a GREAT movie, by the way, and then on Saturday he took me to town and bought me a tool bag.  I have been wanting one for a really long time.  I need a central place for my screwdriver's and such and needed some new ones, so he fixed me up and took me to lunch at Zio's.  SO YUMMY!!!!!

And then this past Saturday (day before yesterday) Leggs took me to my favorite coffee shop and out to lunch at Zio's again.  SO good!!!!!  She bought me a mug from my favorite coffee shop and we had THE best time.  Then she came back to the house and helped me cook a lovely supper of fried fish, mashed potatoes, corn and cornbread.  We thought we were well in the south for a minute instead of just kinda =) 


I'm so happy to be back with y'all ~~ hope you are having a beautiful Labor Day ~~

Love you,


  1. I love all your pictures Dawn! SO glad you had a great birthday & it does look like lots of fun. Dak seems to be adjusting to college life well too. Sir Cuteness makes me smile everytime too...he is just so adorably precious! Hope you & your family have a GREAT week!

  2. Loved the pics. I am glad that you had a good birthday. I know that it was good when Dakota came by. By the way the cookie was for Sky. Love you

  3. i am so glad that you had a great day! thanks for sharing these great pics. little sir cuteness is definitely living up to his name!