Monday, October 31, 2011

We interupt this Halloween post to bring you Hemmed-In Hollow Take 2.....

Yesterday we went to Hemmed-In Hollow for take number 2. 
We were gonna go last week, but it didn't work out,
so we headed out this weekend,
and it ended up being just beautiful and the trees were.....
Absolutely stunning!!!!!


So we started with going down the Bench Trail.
The one we didn't know was even there and in the dark, we couldn't tell that there were two.
We just didn't look around because we thought there was only one.

While we didn't see a copperhead, we did hear a rattler.
Yeah, I'm over snakes!!!  :)

So this is the trail we went down.....

 And this is the one we should have went down.
Yes in the light it is completely obvious,
but in the dark, it looks MUCH different.
Now isn't that the truth?!!

We walked down this small trail and decided to check out the cabin that was on it that we didn't get to see that night.

 And boy was it worth it.
It is so cute!!!!!
And the sun shining behind it was just beautiful!!

Side view.....
Isn't it gorgeous?!!

 This is the loft on the inside and that tree in the middle of the little cabin was the way they made it up to the loft.  Isn't that interesting?!!

Here is my gorgeous man standing by the tree.

Hey, how's it going?  =)

Then we headed back to the trail and this is what you see.
The sign.
Hmmmm....  Do you see the Bench Trail?
Yep, right on that sign, but just past that sign is another sign, and that is the one we saw and read in the dark and it doesn't have the Bench Trail on it.
It was good to go back and see where we made the wrong turn.

Then down the mountain we went.
My Mr. Winslow tried to get a picture of the rocks we had to climb down,
but pictures just don't do it justice.
But we had just climbed backwards down this part of the mountain.
I love this kind of hike.

And then this is where we rested and picnicked.
The company, delicious.
The view, breathtaking.

 This is the rock we ate lunch on.

Now I have more stories and more pictures, but blogger is driving me crazy with the whole picture loading process, so I'll stop for now.

We had an absolutely fabulous time.
We met the sweetest people on the BIGGEST horses =)
We found new spots and new spots to discover.

So stay tuned.....

I have more pics to share of Take Two =)
And also lots of Halloween fun!!!!!

Love you ~~ Have a Blessed day ~~


  1. I see back packs... so you all were prepared this time, huh? :) Smart!!!

    I LOVE that picture of you sitting on the ground... beautiful!

    Amen sister - things in the light are better to see & to follow. That's deep right there!

  2. RJ got that right. Things are always better when Gods light shine on them. Your pictures are absolutely amazing. Love to see the rest of them. I am so glad that you decided to go back and hike it again. Love you