Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13 ~~ Days of Thankfulness ~~ Addicted!!

On Friday evening our church had the last Ladies Rally of the year,
so I took Leggs, Lovely and Legg's friend, Sweet Pea.

Here is Legg's and I.....
Isn't she just beautiful?....
I love her so!!!

 Sweet Pea and Leggs ~~

Lovely and I.....
This young lady is so beautiful inside and out!!!
She has such a heart for God.....

Okay, so Dak didn't go with us,
but brought Leggs home, so she could go with us.....
Legg's was taking pictures.....
look at this.....
Here I am cute-ing it up and look at him.....
Stinker. =)
(Doesn't he look all grown up?)

 And here I am at dinner, before church.

We had SUCH a beautiful time.

Well, while we were there I bought an "I (heart) My Church" shirt.
It is pink and girly and just beautiful.

Well, this morning, I ran to my local gas station before church to get a cup of coffee,
and in line in front of me was a lady with a JRA (James River Assembly) shirt on as well,
from Friday evening.

I said, "I like your shirt."
She whirled around and saw my shirt =)
and just bounded right over and hugged my neck.
We talked about how amazing Friday evening was and then she said the most wonderful thing.

She asked if I went to the Wilson's Creek Campus (our satellite church that is closest to our home)
to which I told her no, we go to the home church.
She said that they just LOVE JRA,
and then she said,

How awesome is that?!!

If I'm going to be addicted to something

So I came back and told my husband what happened and he asked me if I knew her.
I told him "Nope."  =)
How neat is that?
Drawn together through JESUS!!

So I thought I would just post a few pictures of our dear church.
I love our church so much.
I love it because Jesus is there.
He moves in our midst and speaks to us.
He is saving souls and lighting our hearts on fire for Him.
He is teaching us how to be like Him.

So here is our church.
James River Assembly

This is the sanctuary.

And here are our dear Pators:
John and Debbie Lindell
They love Jesus unlike anyone I have ever seen.
They take being like Christ seriously.
And they teach us to do the same.
It is truly incredible!!!
They live it out loud!!

We celebrated, today, 20 years of these two beautiful people, John and Debbie Lindell, being the lead Pastors of James River Assembly.

Numbers are NOT everything for sure,
but I wanted to give you just a few statistics that were shared with us through a video tribute to them.

The most beautiful statistic they shared this morning was this one:
26,000+ Salvations!!

Over $19 Million Dollars giving to missions ~~

Please hear my heart here, I do not post this on here to say look how great they are.
They would NOT want that.
I just want to acknowledge all that Jesus is doing in our church,
using these two beautiful people to lead us.
You see, it is not about them or us,
And they were very quick to point that out this morning.

Pastor told the story of how they came to be the Pastors of JRA.
It is truly a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness.


Today, we also had a special baptism service and there were over 500 people
Baptized today.
Just today.
They brought in 3 swimming pools and put them in the fitness center
and Baptized 3 at a time.
It was simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

I am SO thankful for my church.
I am SO thankful that God lead us to this church so long ago.

We live in exciting times.
I want to be ALL I can be in Christ!!
And my church helps me to do that!!!

I am SO thankful!!!!!


  1. I love how you have the ability to give us all nicknames that fit us so well!

  2. I want to come to church with you! :)

    Yep - give me addiction to Jesus ANYDAY! :)

    Lady - you look GORGEOUS in these pictures!!!!!! Totally Gorgeous!!!

  3. What a great post!
    I am glad you girls had a good time at the rally. I usually don't go b/c they start at 7 and I'm typically passed out by 8. Plus, Friday night is the first time I actually get to see my husband for the week.

    Who was your hairdressers daughter? It had been a long time since we had been to the pageant but it was a lot of fun!