Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15 ~~ Days of Thankfulness ~~ Pain

Today, I am so thankful for pain.
Weird huh?

But I truly mean that.
Pain has been a blessing in my life.
Especially arthritic pain.
It is constant a lot of days.....
It is generally hard.....
But the lessons it has taught me:  priceless.

I know what it is to move through it.....
I know what it is to have pain and smile and no one even know that I am in
excruiating pain.
Seriously, some days you would never know,
unless you are my husband.
He knows me.
Knows me well.
He knows when I hurt.
He feels my pain.
Sometimes I think literally.
He is such a tremendous Blessing to me.

Lately, pain is been pretty constant.
I am back to trying to control it with ibuprofen,
which is pretty much a no-no for me because of my ulcer issue,
but right now, it is knocking the edge off.

I don't tell you this, so you will feel sorry for me,
or even wish it different.
I tell you because I want you to know
HE IS THE HEALER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND I AM HIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through pain, I learn to be steadfast (my word for this year).....
I learn to be constant in my walk with Abba.....
I learn to be content.....
I learn to be peaceful in the storm.....
I learn He is ALWAYS present.....

So today, I am thankful.
I am Blessed.
Even in pain.


Here is a video I did yesterday.
WOW I wish I could control what picture they put up.
I look sick.
I'm not.
But I'm not wearing much make-up here either.

I love you ~~
Have a Super Blessed Day ~~


  1. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I will be praying for you. I enjoyed watching the video. The Dec. folder looks like a neat idea. I can picture alot of Skylar in it. He should be alot of fun this year. Love you.

  2. OK... I could comment 1,013,929 things...

    First & foremost - I just love you! Everything about you! I'm watching your video & just smiling because you just do that to me - make me SMILE! Your heart - your love of Christ - your fun paper talent - you are just JOY in a body! :)

    I LOVE your December album! What a fun way to capture the memories of the Holiday!!!!! So love that!

    I'm the same way too - when I tell someone I'll pray, I want to have it near me to remind me - but havent found the best way to have something close to me always full of the prayer I need to be reminded of. I like your idea! May have to incorporate that myself!

    And oh sweet friend - your post on pain. This pain I'm in with my arm has been just a smidgen I'm sure of what you deal with... & it is wearing me to the bone... but I see how you deal with it & it inspires me & encourages me & shows me that it CAN be done. Thank you!!!!!

    I just love you lady... so blessed to have you as my friend!