Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 9 ~~ Days of Thanksgiving ~~

Uncommon Love & Grateful Submission


So today is my stepson Chase's birthday.

When I first married my husband, I had NO idea how being a stepmom would enrich my life.
I was nervous as to how to relate to his son.
At first, I wanted to love his son, because I loved my Mr. Winslow so much,
but over time I started loving him, because of who he is.
His struggles, his pain, and his heart has drawn me to him over and over again.

I have fought with him, laughed with him, and cried over him,
but most of all,
I have loved him.

Being a stepmom has given me the unique opportunity
to love outside my comfort zone.  
It is a rare Blessing when you can love so completely,
which only happens through Christ.
I love Him so!!!

So today I want to give a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
to my sweet stepson Chase. 


When I married Mr. Winslow, I had no idea how to be truly submissive.
He has been so extremely patient and kind with me.
I sincerely wanted to love him well.
I sincerely wanted to be submissive to him.
But I had to learn what that meant.

You see, this is what I have learned:
When you are loved like Christ loves the church,
which is how a husband is suppose to love his wife,
and which is EXACTLY the way my Mr. Winslow loves me,
then submitting to his authority is beautiful.
He doesn't lord it over me.
He doesn't demand it.
He just loves me.
I love him so.

Please enjoy
"The Day Before You"
Matthew West

So let me encourage you today,
Jesus loves you SO much!!!
He wants only His best for your life,
and that my friends,
is a beautiful thing!!

I love you so ~~ Have a Blessed day ~~


  1. Yep... being a step mom has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I always call my girls my "bonus children" since they were just an added bonus of marriage :)

  2. I grew up with a couple step parents. One just absolutely my other dad, and a couple not-a-mom step mothers. It took me until I met my husband to see why God had me go through that as a child. His daughter was 5 years old and I have to say, I found out that knew more about being her stepmother, than I had ever realized. She is now 26 and is a mother herself. I cannot thank God enough for allowing me to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman, wife & mother.