Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 24 ~~ Days of Thankfulness ~~

Ok, so the ham is in the oven doing it's thang.....

The turkey is hanging out and getting ready to be placed in a roaster pan ever so gently
for it's turn in the oven.....

This girl has some coffee running through her body, (thank you Casey's),
And I'm ready to get it started!!!

I love Thanksgiving!!
I LOVE having my family all around me.....
I LOVE having my kiddo's home.....
I LOVE seeing my Mr. Winslow just doing what he does (he is SO helpful!!!)

Soon my sweet mama will grace our home with her humor and wisdom....
My baby sis will come bounding through with her energy and spunk,
wearing her "Street Meet" 5K shirt that her and her family will be wearing
after their run this morning....
My older sister will come through with her wit and charm (oh and Orange Salad..... LOVE.).....
My sweet Dak will be home soon and I can't wait.
He will be here to eat all of the Pecan Pie and Sweet Potato Casserole his tall drink of water body can handle.
Legg's right now is just feet from me, dreaming happy dreams and getting ready to get her cook on with her mama =)
This girl is just the sweetest.  
She leaves me the sweetest wall posts.....
She laughs with me.....
She even cries with me when its needed,
but mostly, she just loves me, 
even when I make the wrong Pecan Pie recipe and have to start over.

My Mr. Winslow will soon be up and willing to help me with whatever is needed.
He loves me like no other.

There will be so many more family surrounding the table today.
All with their own beautiful stories.....
I am thankful.
Very thankful.

Sir Cuteness will be here after while too,
and I can't wait to get me some baby lovin' on Thanksgiving!!!

So I hope you all have a Beautiful and Blessed Thanksgiving!!


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  1. Man, I just felt like I was at Thanksgiving at your house with you after reading your amazing post. Hope you & your family have a very special day filled with lots of fun, blessings and moments of gratitude. Love you my precious friend!