Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 6 & 7 ~~ Days of Thanksgiving

So today I'm thankful for Baptism & Baby Cuddles =)

Yesterday at church our Pastor; Pastor John Lindell, preached the best message on Baptism
I've ever heard. 

He went through many Scriptures on Baptism and what exactly that word means in the Greek,
and why actual Baptism happens after salvation.
He discussed infant baptism and told his own testimony about being sprinkled as a baby.

He also told his testimony about when he was saved at 17 and then baptized a little while after that.
He really didn't see the need to get baptized, because he'd done that as a child.
But his girlfriend's dad (his now Father-in-law =) took him to lunch and went through all the Scriptures and talked to him about the importance of it.
He knew at that moment that he was at a crossroads. 
Was he going to follow God whole-heartedly and completely or was he going to do his own thing?
He chose God.

The night he was baptized, his brother (he is one of six) also got baptized.
His mother was sitting in the service, (she had been saved a long time prior to this but never been baptized), very prim and proper. 
Hair all done (she'd been to the beauty shop),
very beautiful and proper clothes,
and when she saw her boys get baptized,
the Holy Spirit moved in her,
and she stood up and went up front and told the Pastor she also wanted to be baptized.
So right there with her up-do and beautiful clothes, she went under for the LORD!!!

I LOVE that!!!

It took many, MANY more years for his dad to get saved.
In fact, he was saved at our church, in the old building, on Easter morning in I think about 1998.

He hadn't been baptized.
So his parents came from Colorado for the first service in the new building
(the building where we are now),
and there were baptisms planned for that night.
Over lunch, Pastor's father asked him how many they expected to baptize that night,
and before he could answer,
Debbie (Pastor's wife ~~ I love her) said, "One more if you get baptized today."
To which he smiled and said to her, "I believe I will."
And then he asked Pastor John if he would baptize him.
How profound and beautiful.

So that night, the heater in the tank wasn't working so the water was FREEZING
and Pastor John's dad was about 80 years old at the time, and Pastor was concerned about it.
So he told his dad he was putting him in waders =)
and so he went into the water in waders =)
and Pastor John baptized his dad in very cold water wearing waders.

And then on the way home,  My Mr. Winslow and I shared our Baptism stories again.
It was beautiful!!

I LOVE that man so!!!
I am so thankful for the gift of our church, my man and Baptism,
and the testimonies that result from being obedient to the LORD.


I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I was also thankful for baby cuddles.
Well, you know what that means, Sir Cuteness =)
but in this case, I am sorry for the reason I am getting so many,
but still so thankful for the relationship that I have with my sweet G-Babe and that he KNOWS his Gamma loves him FOR REAL!!!

You see, he has the stomach flu.
He has been SO sick.
Poor baby.
Last night he was cuddling with me on the couch,
and said his tummy hurt,
by the time Mr. Winslow got over to scoop him up,
he'd thrown up all over him and me.....
Poor baby.
He was SO sick.

He ran a fever most of the night and didn't sleep very well,
and then this morning, got sick again about 7.
So he has laid on the couch and I've sat next to him and rubbed his head.
I got him to take some Motrin and he kept it down,
and he is starting to feel better.
He has been eating crackers and drinking watered down Pedialyte.

I hope he can keep this down,
and we get back to regular, baby cuddles,
like as he jumps off the couch into my arms =)
or sticky cuddles as he eats marshmallows (one of his favorites),
and, of course, sick cuddles when it is needed,
but I sure hope he is over the hump.

I love this boy so!!

Have a Super Blessed day ~~


  1. I love that story. Baptism for me is an outward symbol of what Christ us done for us on the inside. It's always a blessing to remember and know where God has brought us from.

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh no.. poor little man. Hope you & your husband dont get those germs too! :( Thats the bad thing about the flu.

    I love baptism stories - its so cool to hear - even better to witness - & an amazing experience to DO!!! I got to baptize another young lady 2 weeks ago... I always say there is nothing more beautiful then to witness someone firsthand coming out of that water - a new creation! Its truly an honor & a blessing!

  3. Frank and I were out of town this weekend and we missed church. I felt like I was there after reading your rundown.
    Have a good day!