Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 ~~ Days of Thanksgiving ~~

So I must tell you ~~



Ok, so having said that,
I am also

The lessons I have learned and keep learning from these knees are priceless.

Let me explain,
At church Sunday, during prayer time, my ligament on the outside of my left knee popped and it hurt so much.
After that, it was NOT a good knee day.
I ended up icing it that night,
and oh.my.stars.

That was SO painful!!

Obviously you are NOT suppose to ice ligaments,
well unless you want intense seasing up and pain.

So after Mr. Winslow got it warmed back up,
it just went back to pain and annoyance.

Well, yesterday it was better, just really tight.

I told my husband on Sunday,
as I limped in from church.....


To which he smiled and said,
"I'm sorry sweetie."
It helps because I know he really is.

Well, today as I think about thankfulness,
I'm thankful that I can still walk.
I am thankful for my husband, who traverses the daily pain and issues that knees like mine seem to produce.daily.
He is such a trooper.

So in being thankful for my knees,
I have to remember that this is where I have come from.
When I have difficult days like Sunday,
I try to remember that this is the way it was about a year ago. 
Those blisters drove me CRAZY!!!
I show this not to gross you out, but to remind me of how far this knee has come,
especially when I get discouraged.

So as I lift my hands to the LORD today, I will remember from hence I came.
And I was much worse looking than this knee.
Yep, I was a.mess.
And God picked me up out of the muck,
saved my soul,
and set my feet on the solid Rock of Jesus Christ.
I am very changed and very grateful.

I am thankful for Jesus Christ, today and every day.

I love you all so ~~ Have a Blessed day ~~


  1. Praying for you precious friend! I love you!!!!

  2. Oh friend... I know my aches & pains (especially right now in my own knee) & know they dont even compare to your pain... & how you still find ways to worship & praise & to SHINE... you amaze me. I'm thankful for YOUR attitude that shows me to be more Christ-like!!!

  3. Oh mama! Your knee! :(