Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9 ~~ Days of Thanksgiving ~~

~~ Super Hero's & Words ~~

Yesterday was a better day for our little Super Hero, Sir Cuteness,
although he still didn't feel great, it was still a better day.
He slept a lot, but didn't throw up one time.

He has been SO sick, so we were so happy that he got over that hump.

And last night, he was well on his way back to his Super Hero self.....
(not taken yesterday, but several weeks ago =)

But he will be back to leaping off couches in a single bound,
probably as early as tomorrow.....
Just in time for his daddy's birthday =)

And last night was also a very special evening because it was Tuesday,
and if you have been around my blog long enough, 
you know I have a rare affection for Tuesdays =)
Well, I have a new reason to LOVE Tuesdays since college has started.
It is the day Dak comes into town for Glee night at a friends,
so I usually get to see him for just a few minutes,
and because Leggs has started coming home with him and spending the ENTIRE evening
with this mama.....
Sheer Girl Time Bliss!!!!!

Well last night Leggs and Lovely were here for a very special dinner.
You see Lovely helps run a farm with her dad and she is an AMAZING cook!!!!!
So she had given me a recipe for homemade Alfredo when we went to dinner Friday night,
so last night was the night to try it.
And it was a HUGE success!!!

It was SO SO good!!
(I have NO idea why I didn't take a picture of it.  slacker.)

Well, after dinner, I asked if the girls would like to here my composition of "Mary Did You Know".  
Lovely didn't realize I played the piano, so I sat down and played for her and Leggs.
They are just the sweetest girls EVER!!

From there, we started singing.....
Yes singing with my girls..... SHEER AND TOTAL BLISS!!

God has Blessed me so.  
We sang "By Your Side" "Jesus Messiah" and many others.
It was a wonderful evening.
I love to sing and play the piano.

Then afterwards, we moved our party into the kitchen and popped Kettle Corn,
and started talking.
It was such a beautiful conversation.

I went to bed thinking about the impact of our words.
Just how life-giving they can be,
and sometimes how life-taking they can be.....
yes they can suck the life right out of someone if your not careful,
but last night was all life-giving, getting to know a new beautiful girl,
and basking in the glow of how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of people who
love Him and have a desire to grow in the LORD amidst difficult situations.

Something else that struck me about last night
were the words that weren't said.
Those are just as powerful sometimes.
One of us, is going through a really hard time,
and so few words were said in that regard.
But we knew.
Most importantly, God knew.
And knows.
And loves.
And so do we.

Words unspoken.


I am REALLY enjoying being alerted to things in my everyday to be thankful for.

It is a beautiful thing.

I love you ~~ Have a Beautiful day ~~


  1. OK... what the heck? This post totally made me tear up talking about the power of words. Seriously.. tears.. down my face right now.

    They are SO amazingly powerful! Hurtful words stick on our hearts like glue sometimes. Kind words seem to roll off our minds easily.

    Praise God we have HIS words with us all the time to be stuck back in our hearts & minds daily!!!

    OHHHHH - how I love a sing along! I woulda been there belting with you ladies! :)

    Glad SC is feeling better.. no more pukey... blah!

  2. Oh mama...I am such a slacker!! I completely forgot yesterday was Tuesday! So since I forgot's your Tuesday I love you :) Tuesday is my new favorite day as well! I am being such a girl right now and bailing my eyes out while listening to a little Carrie and reading your blog. It's a good thing I invested in waterproof makeup! How I am thankful for your influence in my life, mom. I thank God everyday for telling me to go play guitar hero that summer oh so long ago.
    Love you more than all the frozen yogrit in the world!
    P.S. Give my Superhero a hug and tell him that I love him to the moon and back!