Wednesday, December 7, 2011

~~ Hello December & Merry Swap ~~

Well hello sweet December ~~
I have not posted in several days and I've really missed it. 

So let's get to some fun things that have been happening around our little corner of blog world =)


Sir Cuteness LOVES to lay on his tummy on our bed watching Caillou on the iPad.
Isn't he adorable?

 I participated in the CHRISTmas swap over at The Home Spun Heart, again this season.
I LOVE doing this!!
It gives me opportunity to meet someone new and Blessing them with little goodies.....
So here is my goodies from Crystal in WA.....
What a fun and thoughtful Swap Buddy.
This was our second time to be buddied up, and I LOVED getting to do something fun for her again.
She is just so sweet!!

So here are the goodies in my box.....

 Look at this beautiful candle wood box.....
It's Cardinals.....
Hello Cardinal Nation.....
Home of the 2011 World Series Champions.....
and they said we couldn't do it....
Love this.....

 This is a jingle bell door hanger and Sir Cuteness LOVES it!!!

And this was my favorite part right here.....

 Handwritten recipe cards of homemade, delicious recipes from her personal collection.
And handwritten..... did I mention that?  =)

And Sir Cuteness's favorite part.....
Homemade cookies.
They were SO good,
and they are now gone!!!

She also sent me a homemade pack of Friendship Soup.
Can't wait to try this.....

And here is Sir Cuteness holding the pack of pinecones she sent me from WA.
Love that too.
I love pine cones.

Thank you so much Crystal for your thoughtfulness.
My box was just perfect.

I also participated in the Ornament Exchange over at Faith's blog.
And my partner for this was Heather from MS,
and man is she fun!!!
I have SO enjoyed getting to know her and her sweet heart.

She posted pics of the ornaments I sent her on her blog and they are just so sweet on her
CHRISTmas tree, I thought I'd share them with you,
since I didn't take any pictures before I sent them to her.

These ornaments were SO much fun to make.

Sir Cuteness helped me with this one.
We got the idea off of Pinterest.....
enough said.....
You take a clear CHRISTmas ornament and add epsom salt for snow,
Add a sticker if you'd like and ribbon to the top and.....

And then I picked up a $1 birdhouse at Michaels,
covered it with scrapbook paper, embellishements, added some windows and "snow",
tied a pretty ribbon to the top and evergreen to the base and.....

Thank you Heather for being such a fun swap partner.
It's been a hoot getting to know you!!


So yes, we are having a very busy CHRISTmas season,
but it is so much fun!!!
Having a 3 year olds excitement in the house is just contagious and beautiful!!
There are SO many sweet things I'm documenting with the camera in my heart.


Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~


  1. Dawn,

    I wish I would have found these sites to participate in :( I seem to find out about them too late but LOVE all your goodies! Thanks so much for sharing them. I am doing a Christmas Card exchange if your interested. Let me know!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. So glad you love your box! Your g-babe is so cute!

  3. what fun goodies!!! :) I love the 'snow' ornament. Very clever!

    I can only imagine the excitement building with a 3 yr old for Christmas :)

  4. OMG HOMEMADE COOKIES AND NEW RECIPES??!!!! Wheewww..let me take a breath...MOMMMMM I'm coming home this weekend and we are cooking, chica! :) love you and your ornament madness!

    Hug Sir Cuteness for me :)

  5. Wonderful goodies! I bet the recipes are the best. I love Carrie and Monica's swaps and have never been disappointed!