Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Twelve Tags of CHRISTmas ~~ Day 1

On the first day of CHRISTmas
my true love gave to me......

 A NOEL tag for you to see!!  =)


So I am participating in Tim Holtz 12 Tags of CHRISTmas over at his blog right.....

I have never participated before.
In fact, didn't even know about it until this year,
so I am happy to be doing it this year.
Although, I can already tell that my tags will not be ANYTHING LIKE his,
because I don't have an embossing/die cut machine.

But that is a great thing about this,
because he wants you to use what you have and can make something
COMPLETELY different from his if you want to,
and a lot of others are doing that too.

So without further ado.....

My tag.....

 I am hoping that these next 12 days will offer LOTS of ideas and creativity up in here.
I have A LOT of projects to get done before CHRISTmas!!!

I really like the way it turned out.

Now I will show you T!m's tag.
Yes, I know.....
But that is okay.
I m such a work in progress.....
In my creative life and in all my life.

And if you want to view what other's have done with T!m's tag, go check out his site.
There is a linky.


So, how is your CHRISTmas season going so far?
Well, pretty good.
Really looking forward to getting my tree up.
Someday before CHRISTmas hopefully =)

Oh, and today is SSMT #23!!!
Can you believe it?
I am so looking forward to finishing out strong.
So now I need to pick my verse.


I love you all so!!


  1. Dawn, thank you for stopping by my blog, your tag is georgeous, I was just over at Tims blog having a look I remember all his tags from last year.
    Will be back to visit again soon.

  2. How fun... I cant wait to see what you create over the next few days!

    Shhh - dont tell him, but I prefer your tag. His, I cant even tell what it says. Really busy... beautiful, but busy.

    I like your flower on yours too :)

    I gotta find my scripture for December too!!!!Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I love your tags! I'm glad you finally gave up on your "random P" idea :) looooove you!

  4. Enjoy the challenge, it is alot of fun and there are so many to join in on. You're off to a great start.