Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Part 1 ~~

Yes I do realize it is now after New Years and I'm just getting my Christmas posts up.
I am slow.

Anyway..... :)

So lets start with a few days before Christmas.
My mom wanted us to come over and bake for her.

It was So fun!!

But before that......
These are the cookies Sir Cuteness and I made together.
Aren't they cute?

Here is Dak at Grandma's.
He had so much fun.
He was making the funniest faces.
I sure do love having my babies home =)

 Here is Leggs and Sir Cuteness.
I love this picture.
 Me and Sir Cuteness.....
Would you like some Divinity?....
 I know this is blurry, but for some reason I LOVE this picture!!!
And this girl.....

A mama and her boy.....

A boy and his grandma.....

A girl and her grandma.....

Sir Cuteness got to open a present early.....

I absolutely LOVE a Grandbaby at CHRISTmas!!!

Look at this face.....

It was a fishing pole and here is PaPa showing him how to cast.

Then he got to open one from Gamma and PaPa.....

Cars slippers!!!!!

 They make him EXTRA FAST!!!!!
Or so he tells us =)
Yep it's true.....
Just look at him go!!!

Sir Cuteness and his Gamma.....
I love this boy so!!!!!

So there you have it,
the first installment.

There is so much more to come!!!

Stay tuned.....

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  1. Look at all the excited faces at Christmas :) There is nothing like a child at Christmas... their joy is so contagious!

    I need some Car Slippers to get me moving faster today :)