Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Field Guide Pictures and I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

 Well Happy Tuesday and Valentine's Day!!!
Our Valentine's Day will be pretty low key around here.
I have a UTI (yuck) and had to go to Urgent Care yesterday in the snow and bad roads,
but I was so sick.
So I got some medicine, but today still have no energy.
So we are gonna make it a low key kinda day.
Well, except for Leggs!!

She is ALL about Valentine's Day and has a hot date planned with her sweetie J =)
He has made reservations somewhere, but won't tell her where,
and has planned their date.
Isn't young love fun?!!

She told me last night she was getting up at like 9:30 this morning,
and I said what time are you going out,
and she said their reservations are for 8:00 PM!!!
I love young love!!!!!   =)
Now that is cute!!!!!

So before I start with some pictures of somethings I've been up to in class,
I wanted to ask y'all a question.

I have been thinking about something for awhile and thought I'd get your thoughts.
I am thinking about starting a scrapbook blog.
I think it would help me to really keep things separate.
What do you think?

Okay, on to class.....
I am LOVING this class!!
I am learning SO much.

Well this week is all about mists and washes.
So I thought I'd share some fun things I've been working on.

I sent Dak a fun little care package for Valentine's Day.
I love sending care packages.
Here is a bookmark I made for him.
He loves to read and being in college gives him lots of reasons for that right?  =)
Bookmarks are so much fun to make.
I used a stencil for the wing at the top.
I sprayed the wing stencil with my white spray mist
and pulled the stencil and viola!!
Love it!!!

And here is the cutest little helper in the world!!
He LOVES to scrapbook!!!

 Thought I'd show you the tags I posted pics of the other day
all tucked away in my art journal.
I made little pockets and did a little practice with heat embossing.

 This one is one of my favorites!!
It says "follow your heart"
and the flower came from Leggs.
And the lamppost is my FAVORITE stamp,
because it reminds me of Narnia.

I am making our Valentine's this year.
This one I sent to Dak.....

Here is the inside.
I wrote a little poem =)
Its the little things that mean the most isn't it?
I've tried to remember that this year.

So there you have it.....
Some crafty fun!!

So let me know what you think.....
Scrapbook Blog = Yes
Scrapbook Blog = No

And I'll let you know what I decide.

Love you ~~


  1. My eyebrows are plucked and my nails did....it must be Valentines day! I'm glad that I get to spend all day with you mom before my "hot date." I'm looking forward to baking brownies with you and my favorite three year old!

    Love you more than all the chocolate in the world,

  2. ahh... I love young love. Its all so exciting & butterflies! :) Hope Leggs has a great time!

    A Scrapbook blog? TOTALLY!!!!! I would love for you to give details on how you did the process & give more insight on how you get those looks. I think there are so many scrapbookers out there that would love it too...

    & hey, if it feels like too much, then you can quit - but worth starting, right? And maybe update it once a week? You can video with your ipad & that speeds things up - not as much typing - & you can show hands on what you're doing to achieve some of the looks.

    You have a passion for it - why not share it? :)

    Happy Valentines my friend! Love you!

  3. Yes! Sounds like a fun thing to pop in and read or get some inspiration from :)