Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some of my favorite people have blogs.....

Good Morning Blog Family....
How are you?

Yes I writing habits are well, less than extraordinary lately.
I have sat down and started several posts and none of them have made it here.
I actually have a lot of things I want to record here,
it's just a little different season for me.
My blog has taken a little bit of a back seat to some other things that I KNOW
I am to be doing right now.

I have no doubt that regular blogging is coming again.....
it is.....

I wanted to jump on here today and tell you some EVERY exciting news.....
two of my favorite girls, now have blogs.
Yep, that's right Leggs and Lovely both have new blogs,
and I'd love it if you would go and read and share some love with these two.
They are pretty much the bees knees.

Leggs is a new, beautiful Christian.
She was baptized on Sunday and last night I knocked on her bedroom door,
to find her on her bed with her Bible open and notebook by her side and 
questions on her beautiful lips.
It was such a beautiful time sharing in the LORD.

And Lovely is a beautiful young lady who has a seriously contagious Spirit!!!
If you don't know the LORD yet, just spend a few moments with Lovely....
You WILL want what she has!!
She is the best kind of Beautiful.....God Beautiful.

I'm so happy they have both started blogs,
as they are both so unique in their own ways,
and both of these lovely ladies mean so much to me.

I prayed for God to give me a Ministry.....
a way He could use me.....
something unique to who He created me to be.....
Well He has done just that!!
I have four lovely ladies that God has lovingly placed in my heart,
and entrusted me with.
It is a HUGE responsibility, that I take very seriously

I'm committed to helping them grow in their relationship with God,
and being all they were Created to be.

I'm so thankful.


I love you all so ~~


  1. Oh lady... you TRULY have a ministry... one that is changing lives! Keep touching these amazing young ladies hearts with the Word of God & the example you live!!! So glad you all have each other :)

  2. I love you so, you are wonderful and I am so thankful you are in my life. :D