Monday, March 26, 2012

Grace.....Rich, Lavish, Beautiful Grace

I've been thinking a lot lately about the Grace of our God.
As you know, if you've read my blog for very long,
my husband calls me "The Old Testament Girl".
I love the OT!
You may be wondering why, and I've had questions as to why as well.

It's not that I would ever want to live under the law.
i fail.
When I think of all the sacrifices that were given to atone for sins
and still it was not enough.
and true atonement was never reached.

A Savior was needed.
One sacrifice.
One time.
God provided
through His Precious,
Only Son,

The OT points to Jesus.
From Genesis to Revelation.

I love that.
It drew me in from the start.
I love that Jesus is prophesied in the first book of the Bible.
I love that all through the OT you see Jesus coming.
I love that.

I've been reading the book of Joshua,
and last week I read about Rahab the Prostitute 
hiding the spies.
She hid them in the flax on top of her roof,
(for some reason I love that picture)
sent the guards on a wild goose chase,
told the spies to go and hide in the hill country for three days.
By that time, the guards would be back empty handed,
since she'd sent them in the other direction.

What did she want in return?
Safety for her and her family.
She did as she was told.
Gathered her family, 
tied the scarlet cord in her window,
and was saved.

Why does this story interest me so?
Probably because of the outcome.
The outcome long after she had left this earth.
The outcome in Matthew.
Yep in Matthew.


You see, Rahab the Prostitute, 
is listed in Jesus' genealogy.
She was imperfect.
She was scandalous.
She had not crossed all her T's and dotted all her I's just perfectly.
But there she is, in the genealogy of our Precious Lord.
How could this be?

God's Rich, Lavish, Beautiful Grace.

He loves.

When I read stories like this in the OT, 
I am moved to my very core,
because I am not perfect.
I have been quite scandalous at times in my life.
I have not crossed all my T's or dotted all my I's to perfection
or even close.

Oh how He loves!

is mine through Christ.

I am forever, eternally grateful.   

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  1. Amen sister...

    I too love her name is in the history of Jesus' arrival... sinners & the righteous.. all in the sucession of the Savior who we ALL need.