Wednesday, April 25, 2012

~~ WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!! ~~

Well hello there!!!
Has it really been almost a month since I have posted?
What in the world?


My husband and I have been keeping a little secret from you our beautiful blog readers.....
We are going on vacation!
We have been planning since January.
My Mr. Winslow came home from work one day
in November or December and told me about this amazing place,
that one of his distributors had been to last year.
When he told me about it, I knew this would be
a great place for us to go.

Every since we got lost in Hemmed-In last fall,
something inside us, have craved adventure.
Not in a crazy way, but in a way that draws us closer to God.
That day changed us.
Changed me.
So the idea was born.
Mr. Winslow asked me if I thought I could handle such a vacation.
We mulled it over.
And in January 
started planning.

So three weeks from this Friday,
we will be hopping in the car and headed to the BWCA.
The Boundary Waters Canoe Area 
in Northern Minnesota.
It is Northeastern Minnesota up where Canada and MN meet.

We will be going in mid-May.

We made our motel reservation yesterday for the day we get up there.
It is a 15 hour drive for us,
and the night we arrive, we will stay in a motel.
Then we will get up the next morning,
go to our outfitters and get our canoe
and stuff and get going.

We will spend four nights and five days
canoeing, fishing, hiking and camping.

We have been getting our gear.
We started in January.
We now have last minute things to get, 
but almost everything is bought and ready.

So let's look at some pictures of this amazing place!!

These are, of course, not my pics since we haven't been there yet =)
So these were taken right off the web,
but they are just beautiful.

Look at this.....

This is how we will get our canoe from place to place.
Wait a minute, let me clarify.....
this is how Mr. Winslow will get our canoe from place to place =)
My doc has okay'd our vacation,
but he said with the restriction that I cannot
carry anything over my head.
So my Mr. Winslow will be doing this part,
while I follow along singing a happy song =)


I absolutely LOVE this picture!
See that island?
There are islands in the BWCA that you can camp on 
and only you.
There are campsites set up all over the BWCA,
and on some of these islands,
you get them all to yourself.
How great is that?


And look what we might see?
Yep, bears.
There are black bears in the BWCA.
No grizzly's or brown bears,
but black bears.
I love black bears.
I know, weird.
But we will be bear proofing our campsite,
so they don't get our food.


So what will we eat?
Yep we will be fishing for our food everyday.
Now don't laugh, but I don't know how to fish.
Is that crazy?
Most people look at me in disbelief.
Doesn't everyone know how to fish?
Ummmmm, no not so much!!
So I have two rods and reels I'll be taking with me 
(we're each taking two)
so now just to figure out what to do with them =)
Hopefully, we will catch lots of these guys,
so we can eat =)
(Just in case, I'm not so good at fishing and don't catch my fair share,
I'm bringing back up food packs =)

 One thing we will be making is Bannock.
If you have not had this, it is fantastic!
I have been experimenting here at home,
and it is so good. 
Looking really forward to having some Bannock on the open flame!!
Doesn't this whole campfire look fantastic?
Hello campfire "baked" potatoes!!  =)


There are so many different variations on Bannock,
and this is a sweet breakfast Bannock.

I'm so happy to be able to finally share this with you!!



I love you so ~~


  1. Its going to be WONDERFUL!!! What a way to connect with nature & with each other... NOT being lost this time ;) haha!

  2. You must be EXCITED! Ha!

    Can't wait to hear about your adventures. I must say, I'm too big a chicken to try it. :)

  3. Are you excited about you trip . It is so cool to see the excitement in your eyes. Look forward to seeing all the pics and hearing your stories. Nothing better than beeing out in Gods Creation.