Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Friday.....A Top 10

WOW!!  I haven't done Random Friday in a while,
but I have a list of just random things I wanted to get down,
so here we go.....

1).  I am no longer a vegetarian.
I am a meat eater.
A reluctant meat eater.
It is still, and probably will never be my favorite thing.
But I am type O, and O's need meat.
So I am eating fish, some chicken and turkey.....
NO pork and a little red meat.
I've tried to embrace the red meat in my life,
but it is just NOT happening.
It hurts my stomach,
but most of all I just don't like it.
Ick..... it taste, well, meaty.


2.  I went and got my hair done the other day,
and my hair dresser gets the color on and then
takes me over to the dryer.
I looked at her kind of crazy,
because she NEVER puts me under the dryer.
She proceeds to tell me that my gray is getting stubborn,
as she pats me on the shoulder.
Now I have stubborn knees, a stubborn back, a stubborn neck
and now stubborn gray?
Well I guess as long as my heart doesn't get to very stubborn I'm ok with it :)

3.  Speaking of which, I have been praying not to be stubborn lately.
I was praying one day and just telling God somethings on my heart,
and I started telling Him all I want to be for Him, 
and it just flowed out that I didn't want to be stubborn.
I am so thankful that prayer flowed out from my heart.
I have been praying that God will not let me get a stubborn spirit about me.
That would NOT be good.

4.  Sir Cuteness is, well, CUTE!!!!!
He is the smartest little thing.
He has started riding his bike.
Which to me is a scary business.
He crashed yesterday and has a little scratch/road rash on his cheek.
Poor guy.
He's fine.
Not bad at all.
He's a bruiser.
He jumps from about anything,
and LOVES to take walks in the dark with the flashlights
with his PaPa and Grandma.
He is the grandest little thing.

5.  Dak is in college.
He is trying to figure life out.
It is hard.
You remember right?
Trying to figure out what this big old world was all about without getting too caught up in it all?
Yes, you could say a prayer for him.
I love him so!!!
Spring break is next week.
He's staying at a friend's, 
but says he will see me sometime through the week.

6.  Legg's is as well, working out this big old world as an adult.
Yep, you could certainly pray for her too.
She has a lot on her heart I know.
She is a joy to be around,
and makes me smile.
I love her.

7.  My Mr. Winslow is still and will always be the bees knees!!
He works so hard, and loves us so much.
I am truly a Blessed woman.  
Be still my heart, Mr. Winslow.

8.  Our insurance stuff is changing, 
So this year instead of taking another 20% rate hike hit,
we are doing a program that will lower our rates,
but that requires us to do all this physical testing and health story stuff.
Yes, it has been interesting to say the least.
Well, I did my physical last week,
and WOW on paper I should be able to run 10 miles like,
right now this morning!
My height, weight, BMI, Good Cholesterol, Bad Cholesterol, Total Cholesterol, 
and waist circumference are all in terrific ranges.
The lady told me that she was suppose to give me a "teachable moment" and talk about 
things I could improve upon,
but she said she had nothing to say, except keep doing what I'm doing.
Now if I could just run that 10 miles.
Silly knees =)

Well, I wanted to do a Top 10 Random List for you,
but 8 is good right?

Oh wait,

9.  Check out my Scrapbook Blog.  
I am LOVING having a place to talk about my art and post lots of pics :)

Oh yeah,

10.  Today I am doing grocery shopping,
so this weekend I can work on my art.
My Mr. Winslow will be working,
Dak will be at school or a friends,
Leggs will be with Byrd,
and Chase will be here with Sir Cuteness,
so I will be hold up in my room getting some crafty love a going ~~

So there we go, we made it.....
 A top 10 of Random loveliness going on in our lives right now.

I Love You So ~~


  1. Mom you should kick the boys out and run around the house singing and dancing :)Put on a little Jesus Culture or a little Chris Tomlin and just SING! I do it when you guys aren't home and trust me...ITS AWESOME :)
    love you!

  2. "Bee's Knees".. you two are the cutest! :)

    Oh, every little boy needs bruises & scrapes on him.. its part of being a boy. You'll have to video him riding that bike!!!

    Good luck on the health insurance. You know that's a thorn in my side. DREADING my rate hike this year with all the tests I've had to do.

    Stubborn GREY HAIRS?!?!?! Who knew!!!! But I get put under the dryer every time.. so I'm afraid what that says about my hair! :)

    love ya friend!!!

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