Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacation in the BWCA ~~ Part 1

Well hello there friends!!!
I miss blogging SOOOO much!!

Last week was our vacation in the BWCA:
The Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

So over the next several days,
I'm going to post about our vacation.
It was quite the adventure =)

This cracked me up.
In Minnesota, they have huge welcoming centers and 
this seat for littles was in the bathroom.
You can strap your little lovey in while you take care of business.
Too funny.

We left at 12:15 AM on Saturday morning and drove all night and day.
I actually drove through Kansas City at 3:00 AM 
while Dick slept.
I was so proud of myself.

I also drove through the Twin Cities.
It was so fun.
I really like the Twin Cities.
They are beautiful!!

One thing I did notice:

When you get past the Twin Cities,
it is like you enter another state.
The North part of Minnesota is just beautiful country.

We arrived at Crane Lake where our outfitters were at about 6:30 PM.
The motel we stayed at was directly across from our outfitters.
It was GREAT!!
There was no one there though.
The lady left our name on our door and the key in it.

This was the little mirror in our room.
It was SO rustic, warm and inviting.
And let me just tell you,
I slept so good.
I was exhausted.

Dick on the other hand,
didn't hardly sleep at all.
He had so much going through his head.

This was sunrise over our outfitters.

At the outfitters, they decided they would strap the canoe to our car
rather than take us in the van.
That ended up being a very good call.
God had our back.
(More on that later). 

When we got to the parking lot,
this is how we were greeted.

This is our car all strapped down =)

We went down the portage to check it out, 
before we strapped on our gear and canoe.

We thought the portages would be flat.
Ummm.... no.
They are anything but flat!!
But beautiful.

The trees and the plants in the BWCA are so vibrant and beautiful.

Then we strapped on the canoe.
Let me rephrase,
My Mr. Winslow strapped on the canoe,
+ an additional 80 lbs of backpacks
for a total of 120 lbs.
Crazy Talk!!
I strapped on a whopping 25 lbs.
I know right?
I should take it easy =)
My man is so good to me!!
He definitely carried the brunt of the load.

So this is where we started.
This vacation was so fun, relaxing and adventurous.
I can't wait to show you more pics
and tell you of some pretty crazy adventures,
I mean really,
it is us 
and if it's us
there is going to be adventure.
It is just the way we do life =)

to be cont'd =)


  1. How did he just not topple over with all that weight?????

    Cant wait to hear more about it!

    & kudos to you for driving through the night... I'd say forget it & get a room to sleep!

  2. Wow Mr. Winslow is amazing with that canoe & backpack! When David & I go canoeing and have to carry our canoe down to the launch I feel like I'll pass out before we get it in the water and I'm just holding one end...ha! Go Mr. Winslow!! And a 25 lb. pack is heavy too Dawn. We had to carry our 40 lbs. packs everywhere in Peru and it built some leg and back muscles for sure.

    Wish I had had one of those seats to hold my kids when they were little so I could take a shower...lol!

    Can't wait to read more of your adventures and what a beautiful place to visit!