Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The BWCA Part 2

When you go to the BWCA you have to portage from river to river to lake to lake.
And when you portage you carry your packs and canoe,
again, My Mr. Winslow carried our canoe.

So we portaged down to the river and put in,
and floated down the river to the next portage.  
This is the beautiful river we floated down.....

Here is the start of the portage.
The portage looks flat but let me tell you it is not.

Here I am giving two thumbs up =)
Look at that
My mom thought it was funny =)

 We portaged across and put back in on the other side of the river,
but I do not have any pics because it was raining!
It rained on us off and on all the way into the BWCA.
It was cold and the wind blew against us the whole way.

But we persevered and got to the first lake and it was just beautiful,
and we decided to set base camp up right there.
There was no one else camped on this whole lake the entire time we were there.
The only people we saw were other canoers paddling to the next portage to take you to the next lake.
Yes, we had the ENTIRE lake to ourselves.
It was blissful.

Here's my Mr. Winslow.
I called him me Mountain Man the whole time we were there.
I mean seriously, 

And here I am with our packs.

Each campsite is equipped with a fire pit.

This was a beautiful trail off the backside of our tent.
Isn't it beautiful?

And it led to this.....
the Loo =)

This little fellow came every evening and ate on the same limb every day.

Isn't here sweet?
So very cute!

Here was the view from our tent.
We felt so very Blessed to be able to take a trip like this.
It was physically taxing, but completely beautiful!

We had to bear proof our camp every night.
So that meant hanging our food pack in a tree.
How great is that?
It was so funny!
But we figured it out =)

The trees were so very beautiful.

To be cont'd..... =)


  1. What a beautiful place and an amazing reminder of God's creativity too! Bear proof your camp?!? Oh my word...that scares me girl. So glad you survived and so thankful there are no pictures of any bears.

  2. I've never heard of the word "portage" in my life :)

    Tell Mr. Winslow that to be an official "Mountain Man" - he needs a long beard - so get working on it for next year's trip :)

    OHHHHHH - that squirrel... he's something out of a Disney movie!

    You look adorable - all smiley - in your hat!!! :)