Thursday, May 31, 2012

We Interrupt these Vacation Posts for a Very Important Announcement!!!.....

Sir Cuteness has decided what he wants to be when he grows up:


Yes and not just any dog.....

A Dachshund!!!

He is the funniest little guy.

At bed time the other night he told papa and I he decided what he wanted to be when he grew up
and yes, it was indeed a dog.....a Dachshund!!  

And then he started panting and barking like a dog.

Too funny!!!

And speaking of Sir Cuteness.....
He picked out his own outfit for the lake the other day.
Yes he may or may not like plaid.

I love him so!!!

Yesterday, Dak came home to visit ~~ JOY ~~
and Sir Cuteness and him built a castle =)
Look how cute!!

Then when Dak went to leave,
Sir Cuteness wasn't having it.
Nope!!  NOpe!!!  NOPE!!!!!
It was so sweet.....
and sad =(
But after telling Dak bye like 5 times and then running out to the car
to tell him he loved him.....
all was well =)
I love these two so!!

Okay, so now I feel I can resume vacation posting =)


  1. ahhh - i bet dak enjoyed feeling so loved! :)

    I wouldnt mind a dog's life myself... eat, sleep, play? Yep - I'll take it :)