Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Friday with an "Engine" (Ninja) Turtle

Allergies are driving me CRAZY!!!
In the last two days I have spent $150 on medicine and doctors visits.
And I still don't feel very good =(

In other news,
My Mr. Winslow is also on the allergy train with me.

And in other news, 
I get to see Dak on Monday.
So Happy.

I've been creating up a storm.
To see what I've been up to,
come visit me at the Scrapbook Cottage.
Faith did me a remodel,
and I LOVE it!!!
Scroll down to my first post today (there are two on there for today)
to see lots 'O pics.

We have been having LOTS of fun around these parts lately.
Sir Cuteness has discovered the "Engine" Turtles =)

He runs around the house like this.....

Look at this beautiful face!!!
Can you believe he will be 4 ~~ FOUR ~~ the last day of this month?
Crazy talk!!

He is just the sweetest little "Engine" Turtle around.
And boy does he love his gamma, and his gamma loves him to the 
Moon, MOon, MOON!!!

Have a Blessed weekend ~~ 


  1. Is that a karate belt around his chest? haha! He's so precious!!! & getting SOOOOO BIG!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon friend! :(

    Enjoy seeing your boy monday! I know you will!!!

  2. i too have allergies so bad and I get so tired of them!

    I can't believe how big sir cuteness has gotten! How can he be 4???