Friday, October 26, 2012

Beautiful, Random Friday is Back!

Ok, so again my pictures are completely out of control!!

I put them in certain order, 
but blogger has missed them up =0)

So here we go.....

The beautiful Arielle came over and made supper for us this week.
She made Chicken Tortilla Soup
and Apple Pie.
It was the most delicious meal.
My man said this was the BEST apple pie he's ever had!!!!!

This was the boys after pie.
This pic CRACKS.ME.UP.

Arielle's dad owns a farm.
He is a produce farmer
 and as you can imagine
it has been a very rough year.
Well in September, 
he threw some bean seed out.
He went out yesterday to check it,
and picked 8 BUSHEL of beans!!!

So Miss Arielle and I got a bushel of beans,
14 Quarts canned,
well almost canned.
We had to go get a pressure cooker.
It holds 7 quarts at a time,
so I am currently this moment
listening to that beautiful pressure cooker.
Yes dear pressure cooker
we shall become very good friends =)

So here is my Mr. Winslow and Sir Cuteness snappin' beans.
Yep, it was a family act,
we all got involved.  
Chase isn't in the pic, but he was indeed
snappin' beans right along with us
from the comfort of the recliner =)

Our fridge runneth over =)

Sir Cuteness and I had library day on Wednesday,
and here he is putting on a puppet show for me.
Have you ever?
I mean seriously!!
He looks SO big here to me!!!


And new pressure cooker =)

The delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup Arielle made.....

Ok so I realize this disgusting picture is tucked in between soup and pie,
silly blogger,
but it has been part of my week.
So here we go.....

Back in August my Mr. Winslow took me camping for my birthday,
yes in the same place we had to be rescued from last fall,
but this time it was such a beautiful experience,
except for this toe.
Again with this toe.
I lost my nail four months after our adventure last fall,
and then when we went in August my toe nail turned black again.
What in the world?

Well 3 nights ago I took my sock off using my foot, 
(Does anyone else do that?)
And caught my toe nail and pulled it up.
Oh boy.
So my Mr. Winslow got up and indeed I had pulled it completely up on one side,
but the other side was stuck,
I mean COMPLETELY stuck.
It bled and was crazy and hmpff.....

So on Wednesday,
I headed to Urgent Care to have it taken off.
And because of the knees situation with components and all,
I now am on anti-biotics to prevent any kind of infection,
and I have to go see a podiatrist.
Oh brother.

Well now, that about wraps it up,
I am also scrappin up a storm, 
and hope to get a post up soon on my scrap blog,
but you can go check it out to see some of my work,
there is a pretty current post up there.
I'd love you to check that out right 

So maybe I have put enough space in between pics =)

And without further ado,

I hope y'all have a beautifully Blessed day ~~

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  1. PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!

    Oh my - that toe. Looks painful! :( You know i've lost a few toenails myself... its not fun .. it'll feel better once its off.

    I didnt even know they still made pressure cookers. Ricky & I were just talking about those the other day.