Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Jerry to my Tom

Halloween was fun, Fun, FUN!!

Now let me start by staying that Halloween
is NOT my fav holiday,
but Sir Cuteness loves it of course,
so that equals Grandma in =)

This year I found his adorable costume at a local resale shop,
and since Sir Cuteness has been very into Tom and Jerry
on youtube,
I thought that he'd LOVE it.

Well, as it turns out,
our wee babe has quite the opinion.
He didn't want to be Jerry,
He wanted to be Tom.
Well, Tom was to little.
So I thought well, we shall keep looking.

I went ahead and took him over and let him see if he'd like it,
and turns out he wanted to try it on,
and look at this cute thang.....

He loves for me to dress up with him,
so of course I oblige =)
We kicked over a couple of things,
but decided I indeed needed to be Tom.

Well, the incomparable Miss Arielle,
face painter extraordinaire,
did our make up.

I mean seriously.

At first, Sir Cuteness just wanted whiskers and a nose,
but when he saw my face,
decided he needed a full face.
Look at this guy.

And she did all this 
from just looking at the animated pictures of
Tom and Jerry.

So we headed to the library party.
Yep, we shook our sillies out in costume.
So fun!!
And look at Miss Adrian.
This was hiliarious!
It was a blow up pumpkin suit.
Every time she shook,
her booty took on a life of its own.
It was SO funny!!!

She is the best teacher.
Sir Cuteness loves her SO much!!!

Then afterward,
we played games.
This particular one was match the pumpkins.

Look at this picture.....
I think this is SO cute!!
Look at Sir Cutnesses head.
So funny!

And everyone needs a friend =)

'nuff said.

And of course there was candy.

Then I passed the baton to mama.....
We met at McAlister's and Miss A painted her
face and touched up Sir Cuteness'.....


We had the best time!

I can't wait to get to scrappin' these.

Sir Cuteness is indeed 
The Jerry to my Tom!!!

Have a Blessed day ~~

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