Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving in da house!!! Word.

I have NO idea why this post is titled like that.
I am NOT a rapper.
And I don't listen to rap.
Unless you include Kirk Franklin's Stomp.....
Or Mary Mary's Shakles.....
Or Matthew West.....
Hold Up MW is not a rap singer!!
Yes I know, but one of the first songs he came out with had a rap feel to it,
so he shall remain on my list.

Here is Sir Cuteness on a recent "camping trip"
we took to the ever popular Living Room.
It was a 10 mile trek.
We battled bears and snakes
and ate our weight in imaginary S'mores.
Not that I couldn't eat my weight in real S'mores.
Because I could.

Is he not the cutest thing EVER?!!
He had to be serious.
We were fighting bears after all.

Onto Thanksgiving.....
This is my BIL cutting the turkey.
This is his job every year.
We save it for him.

And this is him and his bride of 34 years
my rock star sister Rhonda,
or whom I affectionately call Ronna.
Love her.
Straight up.
She is the best big sister around.
And she is an herbalist.
Well not a licensed one, 
but I would trust over any them.
She is a joy.
And so smart.

Aren't they cute?

And here is me baby sis.
She is a hoot!!!
Her and her daughter ran the Turkey Trot that morning.
My sis rocked it with a personal best.
Way to go 'lil sis!!

I didn't take very many pics on Thanksgiving.
Don't answer that.
How has this post gotten so out of control?  =)
But any way here is me mama,
and big sis!!
I love these two beauties.

And then here is my beloved friend Georgia.
She is so fun and such a help to me.

And just like that,
Thanksgiving is in the books.
How did that happen?

Now onto a little Scrapbook fun.....
Here are a couple of tags I've been working on for JYC.
What is JYC you ask?
Well it is Journal Your CHRISTmas with Shimelle Laine,
scrapbook extraordinaire.
I am SO excited for this class!!
And it starts in 2 days!!!

I won these fun little washi tapes.
Aren't they adorbs?
Sir Cuteness picked out a couple.....
like the elephant in the bottom corner =)
And the hot pink with black flowers, second row,
because he thought Grandma needed this one.
It has flowers.
I love him.

Here is some paper that I stamped.
I love the way this turned out.
Ready to go for JYC.

And here is a sneak peak of a page I completed this week for a challenge.
If you'd like to read more about my Scrapbook adventures,
then head it right here 
and check  me out.

So there you have it.
Thanksgiving 2012.

I love you ~~ Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

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  1. You are getting so good with your paper/stamping/scrapbooking!!! So beautiful!

    OK - I may have to have a hotline to your herbalist sister!!!! You know I love all things natural! (Ask her what she recommends for inflammation - specifically my tendonitis)

    I cant get over how big Sir Cuteness is... growing so fast!

    & now, I'm singing Shackles in my mind!!! :)