Friday, December 21, 2012

Green Tea and Batman

Well now how is that for a title?  

First off, Green Tea.....
Do you realize what a Power Food this is?
It is an immune booster and a swelling reducer,
and I need both.

I had blood work recently,
and my white cell count is low 
and my platlettes are high.
My doc's office called and said 
we'd keep an eye on it,
but 6 months ago it was actually lower than now.
I didn't even realize it was low at all.
But my immune system does get easily overloaded,
or so it seems to me.

And still have problems with swelling.
My knees.
My neck.

Enter Green Tea.....
and Garlic.....
My husband wanted to mix them.
I rerouted him.
But funny.
He just wants to get all he can 
at the same time.
I love this man.

Speaking of my man,
he is just the sweetest.
I am telling you THE sweetest!!!
He took Sir Cuteness CHRISTmas shopping the other night.
It warms my heart.
When I see them together,
my heart just melts.
PaPa said what Sir Cuteness said about the gift he got me
will make me cry.  
Ahhh....I love them so!!!!!

And speaking of Sir Cuteness.....

RJ.....this is for you and Ricky =)

I hope y'all have a beautiful weekend.
My family is coming this Sunday for CHRISTmas.
I'm so looking forward to it.

I will be hugging them all tighter and loving on them more.
I love my family.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

1 comment:

  1. OH.MY WORD!!!!!!
    I laughed so loud!! The intentsity he screamed & that look on his face... that is PRECIOUS!!!!!

    I've never seen those before!
    Me thinks I'm going to have 2 grandbabies & 1 husband who are going to want those too! ;) haha!!

    Oh friend... I honestly believe green tea is what's kept me healthy with a sick husband. I'm on my 4th cup already this morning.
    Green Tea with raw honey? perfection!!!

    Merry Christmas to you friend!
    Send you hugs, & prayers for your WHOLE gang!!
    Love you bunches!