Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Broken Road ~~ Health Issues

So I am starting today a series called
"The Broken Road"

My thought is to post this on Sunday Night/Monday Mornings,
but it is burning inside me to go ahead and start today,
so I shall.

As many of you know,
I face several health challenges on a regular basis.
It is something that I have really faced my whole life.

My mom has always called me things like

Well, as I have gotten older, 
my health has taken on a new dimension for me,
and one that I am thankful for,
because it helps to keep me focused on Jesus
and on HIS plan for my life
and not simply just my own.
It is a good thing.

God Bless this Broken Road.....

So about 2 weeks ago I had a routine mammogram.
I have had several mammograms,
but not many routine.
I usually have to have diagnostics because of 
fibrocystic breast tissue,
but this year,
all looked relatively well,
so they scheduled me regularly.
I was thankful.

So I get that done.
They say they'll get ahold of me in a week to 10 days,
and off on my merry little way I go.

Well this was on a Friday,
and on Monday I get a call from the scheduling nurse 
at the diagnostic center.
They found a spot that needs further testing,
and scheduled my diagnostic.

God Bless This Broken Road.....

So on Monday of this week,
I went in for the diagnostic.
The beautiful Miss A went with me.
They don't allow men folk at this test,
so The Beautiful Miss A was my sidekick for the day.
I love this girl so.
She is an unexpected Blessing from the LORD,
and one that one day I will write about.
You really need to know this story,
but anyway.....

I digress.....

So on Monday we met,
got coffee 
and went to the Cancer Center 
for the diagnostic.

God Bless this Broken Road.....

I have felt all along that this one was different.
And sure enough.....

They took me back and started with the mammogram,
which by the way was the only thing listed on my tests
for the day,
several views,
but only the mammogram.

As she is doing the mammogram,
she starts pointing out to me the area of concern.
This is not something they normally do.
She explains to me that this is a new area from last year.

She does several views,
is very thorough,
and I ask her if I'll need an ultrasound.
It wasn't listed on my test sheet,
but thought I'd ask.
To which she says,
as she's looking at my films,
"yes, I believe so."

God Bless this Broken Road.....

So we are just getting ready to leave that room,
and she stops and stares once again at my films,
looks intently,
I'm sensing a real issue here.
She said she is just comparing my films from last year.

Apparently the spot they are concerned about was there last year,
she shows it to me,
and it doesn't look worrisome at all,
last year.
It is round,
looks like the fibrocycstic tissue I deal with a lot,
but then she showed me this year,
it had split and was now more like two spots,
and wasn't regular in shape anymore,
it was irregular.

God Bless this Broken Road.....

So she sits me back in the waiting area
with the beautiful Miss A,
and we wait, but only about 5 minutes
and another lady comes to get me.
This is the Ultrasound Lady.

Such nice women.
So caring.
So good at what they do.
And calming.

She starts looking at my films.
Looking hard.
Being intent.
She shows me the spot again,
but this time she calls it a mass.

God Bless.....
God Please Bless this Broken Road.....
I need You LORD.....
Thank You for this Broken Road.....
Whatever it is.....

That took me back a little bit.
A Mass?
She said it is small,
and deep in my breast tissue,
which is why I can't feel it,
but it is a mass,
a tumor.

God Bless this Broken Road.....

So she takes very precise 
views of it.
I'm in there a long time.

Then she takes me back out to the waiting room,
yes to the beautiful Miss A.

We wait about 2 mins
and a doc comes to get us.

He takes us in a conference room and starts explaining
what they found.
I'm so thankful they give the news that day.

He told me that indeed it is a mass,
a tumor.
It is small,
but it is a little worrisome.
He believes it is what they call a fibroadenoma,
which is benign.
but they don't know for sure.
If that is what it is then it will just need to be watched for growth,
but is really no big deal.
that's what it is.

So the plan moving forward is for me to have diagnostics for the next two years.
I will go in in six months for another ultra sound to see if it has grown
or changed.
And in the mean time I'm to be VERY diligent about my self-exams.
Which is something I haven't been great at since my hysterectomy 8 years ago.
But I will be now.

If it shows any change they will do a needle biopsy.
They could do it now,
and that would tell us for sure what it is,
but they're opting to wait.

Honestly, I'm not crazy about that idea.
In a year, this thing has changed dramatically.
Last year they didn't even mention it to me.
They were watching another spot,
and this year,
I can see the vast difference since last.
It's bothersome.
So we are thinking about going ahead and having it biopsied.

We would so appreciate your prayers.
God heals.
I know it.
I've experienced it.
He is good.

God Bless this Broken Road.....
That lead me straight to YOU!

Praise You Jesus!!!


  1. I am absolutely praying, friend. You have inspired me once again. I NEED to make my mammogram appointment. I'm 42 and haven't had one. I love your beautiful perspective.

  2. I was holding my breath this whole time!!!!! I will most definitely be praying for you... I love your faith & knowing God is in everything you go through. We're going to ask God to step up even bigger & just take care of this thing.

    I'm also like Deidre - I'm at the big 40 & need to go ahead & get my first mammogram. I'm nervous about it... but thank you for this prespective that I need to take myself!

    Love you lady!!! Keep us updated!

  3. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!! So sorry you're having to go through this!

  4. Just had a mammogram this afternoon. My mom had breast cancer so I am always anxious about going every year. I won't hear from them for a week and I will try not to worry until then.

    I find it ironic that I just stumbled upon your blog this afternoon. I will say a prayer for you.