Monday, December 31, 2012

Closing out 2012 ~~ Beauty in the Broken

So this is me.
The unedited (well except for black and white)
The raw, uncut version.
No make-up.
Reading glasses on.
Hair in a....well, mess.

This morning I wrote in my journal to close out the year.

It has been an interesting year for me and my family.
One of distant relationships becoming closer,
one of close relationships becoming a little more distant.
I know it is a season,
but is still hard sometimes.

We have gone through health scares
and health issues.
Some of which have been very difficult.
But we press on.....

I wanted to share just a portion of what I wrote 
in my journal today
in hopes that it will encourage you and inspire you 
to dig deep in 2013
and be all Christ has called you and me to be.


..... Pastor preached on the matters of the heart yesterday,
and having full-on devotion to Christ in 2013.
This is my heartbeat for 2013.

I have asked and am asking Father God to ignite in me a 
fire that cannot be quenched out
by circumstance,
by others
A deeper depth of Spiritual connectedness to Him
that transcends everything else.

I'm excited for a New Year.
reaching for more of Jesus.
I have Biblical hope -
an expectation of good -
for this New Year,
not that things will be perfect,
but that I will draw 
of this year,
closer to Jesus
and the heart of God
in my Spiritual walk,
than I was the day before.

To the Praise of His Glorious Name!!

Romans 8:18
"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time
are not worth comparing with the glory
that is to be revealed to us."

Eternal mindset
Biblical Hope


Thank you so much for reading.
I love you all so much!!!
Have a Beautiful and safe New Year!!


Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

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  1. First of all - you're beautiful - in & out - make up or not - hair in a bun, or down :)

    Love your words.

    Each year brings so much, doesn it? Roller coasters have nothing on life in a year.

    Praying for a God-blessed & God-filled 2013 for you & your whole family!
    Love you bunches!