Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hope & SSMT 2013


I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season.

As we start a new year,
it is time for my new Word for the year.
I started this two years ago.
My word then was
Last year it was
This year the Lord showed me 
my word for the year
back in October.
This happened last year as well.

My Mr. Winslow and I studied
about faith around that time,
and we really dissected Hebrews 11:1
if you will.
We really wanted to figure out what 
the writer was telling us.
"....being sure of what we hope for,
certain of what we do not see."
We found ourselves really looking at the word
but there was a problem with that.....
hope in this passage wasn't even a Greek word.
The Greek word in this passage is found in the word "for",
and it means.....

So hope to me took on a whole new meaning.
In the world, so often hope has more to do with want.
I hope I get the job.....
I hope I can eat lunch at my favorite restaurant.....
I hope we can move to that house.....

But Biblical hope is all about expecting.....
An expectation of good.
So faith is all about expecting God to move.
When we pray in faith,
if we have Biblical hope,
then we are expecting God to move in response to our prayer.

So my word for 2013 is:

And this year, Beth Moore and the ladies over at the 
LPM Blog are hosting SSMT again this year.

This has been revolutionary in my life.
I did it with them in 2011 
and really missed it in 2012.
I have found that the accountability factor is key
to me staying on track in memorizing Scripture.

So my Scripture for the next two weeks will be:

Romans 8:18 (ESV) 
"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth
comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us."

I hope y'all will join me in SSMT and also concentrating and meditating 
on one word that the LORD lays on your heart.

I love you so ~~ 

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~  


  1. That verse is one I memorized in 2009 right after my best friend passed away. When we don't understand, we have HOPE in Christ that it's all for His eternal glory. I love it.

    Happy New Year, Dawn!

  2. You're full of good God Stuff today! :)

    Wasnt it cool that Melanie did those buttons for everyone for the year? So awesome!

  3. I love your One Word. Its also mine. In Dutch: Hoop.