Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love Them Like Jesus

I had a situation come up yesterday
that was frustrating.
Sometimes I just want people to act the way I think they should.
The way that would make the most sense.
The way that would be best for someone else
instead of themselves.

It was frustrating.
I was upset.
Yeah, I know,
not pretty.

This morning,
I was on my way to pick up Sir Cuteness
and put my phone on shuffle,
and as God often does,
it was one song after another
of just what I needed to hear,
and then.....

Love them like Jesus,
by Casting Crowns,
came on,
and as soon as it started
my heart started to stir.
My Spirit being moved by my God

Love them like Jesus,
Carry Them to Him,
His yoke is easy,
His burden is light.
You don't need the answers 
to all of life's questions
Just know that He loves them
stay by their side,
Love them like Jesus.

Tears welled up in my eyes
my heart
as the Father so lovingly reminded me
what my job is.....

To Love Them

That's it.

Don't offer my opinion.
Don't tell them the best way to do things.
Don't get frustrated with them 
do damage with my words.
Love them.
Like Jesus.
Every time.

Let Him lead me.
Let Him guide me.

This is a lesson I am learning 
in so many areas in my life.
Areas that are just so far outside my realm
of control.
Areas that I need to learn to let go.
Areas that need me to be Jesus' hand extended
no matter how I feel.

I want to carry them to Him
His yoke is easy
His burden is light.

I don't have to have all the answers to life's questions
I just need to know that He Love's them
(which He does, even more than I do)
just stay by them
most importantly.....


1 comment:

  1. I LOVEEEEE that song!!!

    Isnt it funny how God speaks to us. I'll put my iPod on shuffle when I run, & I swear that He's speaking to me every time with the exact words I need to hear.

    Love that!