Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All These Years!

Sometimes in life
there are these rare moments of beauty
that Bless your life so deeply.
This is one of those moments for me,
and I know that
It is ONLY the Father who graciously chose me as His own,
who does anything of worth in me.

Which brings me to the last several weeks of my life.
When my friend Amie,
asked me to record the song I wrote 29 years ago,
for my graduation,
for her daughter's graduation,
I was just blown away!!!
It was just one of those moments,
in life,
that you know is just bigger than you are.

So Sunday was recording day.
I was so excited.
And a little nervous.
I had the boys pray over me before I left.
Their hands on me as we pray is a powerful thing.

Recording all by itself is such an interesting process.
I had NO idea how it worked.
And the man that owns the studio we went to, Duane, was so kind.
He kept handing me his ear phones so I could hear each step being laid out.
I laid the piano down first,
and then my amazingly talented friend Kathy,
laid down the vocals, 
in three part harmony,
I might add.
Duane made sure I was in every part of this process.
I guess because I wrote the song,
he could feel the importance of it to me.
So great!!

It took probably about 2 hours to get it recorded,
and the end product is AMAZING,
And I owe so much of this dream to this man right here.

He has believed in me
before I ever believed in myself.
He knew that I could do it.
He has always LOVED my songs
and encouraged me to write.
With every song I've written,
I have had the biggest supporter on my side.
He has helped me when I've gotten stuck,
watched me cry in frustration,
and has loved me through it all.

This moment in my life
would not be possible without him.
God knew EXACTLY what this girl needed when He brought me this man.

He loves me like Christ loves the church.
He is an amazing Believer and leader.
He teaches me every single day
how to be a better daughter of the King.

So here is the little cardboard CD sleeve with my CD tucked inside.
Every time I hear it
I want to cry.

Duane wants me to rerecord it with guitars, the piano, and a mandolin.
He loved it so much!!
Kathy will be going into the studio soon,
and wants to include this song on her first CD.
I am Blessed.
Now let me just say,
this song is about graduation.
Written again, 
when I was 17 and in my Senior Year of HS.
I have never considered it 
my best work by far,
but it is one of the dearest to me.
Well, they're are all dear to me,
but there is something about this first one.

You may be wondering about future CD's.
Yes, it is in the works.
Kathy thinks I should start working on another CD
of songs I've written.
I have always been a singer/songwriter,
but with my voice in its current state,
I am a songwriter without the singer part.
Hopefully, by the fall it will be back,
and my first full length CD will be a reality.

I have gotten requests for y'all to hear it.
First of all,
y'all are so sweet,
and second of all,
I'm working on that.
Not sure how to do it,
but I'm gonna ask my very talented
IT stepson =) to help me out.
I'll keep you posted.

And yes I am still writing.
In fact,
this has given me such a boost of confidence.
Writing takes time,
and that is something I am limited on so often,
but this has definitely 
given me such a desire to write more.
So I am writing,
and am looking SO forward 
to seeing how God will use
what He writes through me.
Because this just doesn't come from me.
Of this I am certain.
It is all God.
I am just a willing vessel.
I love Him so!!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful day !!

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  1. I.CANNOT.WAIT!!!!!!

    Put it on iTunes... I'll be the first in line to purchase & download!!!!!!!! :)

    So excited for you!

    I love saying, "Yeah, I have a friend whose a song writer... yeah, that's had her stuff recorded"... OH YEAH!!! :)